With money, you can buy anything. Basically anything in the world.
People go crazy because of money. You can buy people for god sake just by offering money. It would be more convincing, as the matter of fact, if you're offering in cash.
With money, you can make more money than you have now.
If you have all the money in this world, what would you buy?
I say, if you have all the money in the world, the only thing you can't buy is,
A man's heart.
Well, you might get it literally, if you cut him/her open, and took out his/her heart, put it in a jar. But, that's just not the way you want it.
If I had a lot of money, I wanna buy twitter, and shut it down.
People are not allowed to flirt with another girl on twitter. Muahahaha.
Smell that? That's jealousy.
Goodnight everyone!


Aku ade masalah dunia yang perlu diberi perhatian secepat dan sewajar yang mungkin.
Aku tak suke duk dengan segelintir umat manusia yang suka buat mende same same yang mane aku tak mau join.
So, bile kalian kalian itu berbuat bersama sama, kalian expect aku akan join, coz they dont want to me feel left out.
Oh darlings, I DO want you leave me alone though, be out of my hair like, instantly.
I like to do things on my own.
Tapi kalau makan tak hajak haku mang haku merajuk lah. Ekekeke. Tua bangka. Tak sedar diri nak majuk majuk pulak.
Emo. Shit. Bye


Im in a train. Since its gonna take a long trip to my destination, I say, why don't I blog a lil.

So, Im at Ampang LRT station, the next one would be Cahaya LRT station... Im heading to Hang Tuah, which is, where my parents will be.

Oh, they're here. Currently staying in Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

Truthfully speaking, Im having fun driving from Berjaya to Ampang and then UIA all by myself. But I just had to take a train there coz the parking fee is too damn high!

Im staying overnight there, and yes, I can always ask my dad to pay the fee, but better he just gave the money that goes straight to my pocket without having to feed the autopay machine which is, come on, if you think about it, parking fees is ridiculous. Haha.

Why need our money when we went there to shop and practically give money to 'em? We as customers need to be treated well, welcomed us with a no charge parking space, and hopefully let our cark parked for the whole day.

Now, I think Im ridiculous.

Im on Chan Sow Lin LRT station now. Im always at the verge of curiousity whether do I or do I not need to disembark here?

I know though where Im heading, just, I need to be extra carefull, coz I'm careless like that.

Now Im at Pudu, next would be Hang Tuah, so I better post this now. Coz I need to go go go.


Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby admit, that I havent watch the movie yet until JUST now. *clap clap clap*

I thought I was missing out on something, but nope, I didnt, coz that movie sucks. Thank you very much.

Haters gonna hate they say, ahaks.

But, there's one thing I can relate to the movie, is that, Tom is me, and he, a certain someone is Summer.
He's gonna just steal my heart away, keep drawing a line that says "Friends" and "Wasn't looking for anything serious" and sometimes go beyond it once in a while. Out of nowhere, he's drifting apart, and pufff! He got married. Leave me broken hearted until I met my Autumn.

I just can't wait to meet my Autumn. Starting from the top and fall all over again...and again and again. Stupid.

Unfair. The end.


Having fun using this app. Oh yeah, the title above is not me saying hello to you guys randomly and in a weird spelling or accent...

It's the app that Chester See's introduce to us a couple of months ago.

I did try to download it before, but by then, it wasnt available in our country. Now that it's global, say Hello to HALLO!

I was posting a couple of posts, and by all means, I do not know how it total up to 25 posts right now.
I made a lot of weird sounds, and I kinda hate how I sounds like, but what the heck, none of my friend uses Hallo yet, so, I kinda having fun to myself first.

Im a Hipster, thats my problem.

So, any Android or iPhone users out there, do use this app, its fun, but don't follow me just yet. ;) I wanna fool around first. Ahaks.

And and, For a first time user of this app, I wanna say that I kinda get lucky, coz I already got a reply from Kassem G, he is one of the youtubers all together with Ryan Higa and the gang. Ahaks. I screenshot-ed it, as usual. Its evidence!

You can check out the reply here

It kinda weird to hear his reply alone, coz you kinda need to hear my reply to him first, but all and all, he's lucky that he got a nice voice. Kinda melts me when he said "Let me show you..."

I swear my uterus just vibrated. Ahaha.


Hoi! Tiada kesedaran akan ketibaan Ramadhan dalam approximately sebulan lagi. Aku leka dengan dunia yang lagha, tidak berpijak dibumi yang nyata.

Ahaaa... Aku lupe ade beberapa hari lagi aku tak ganti puase. Ahaa...

Since aku jaga Qairana by the day, and kinda malas nak turun bawah for lunch, Im better off ikat perut- makan time dinner je...

Ha! Kan bagos kalau aku niat puase je terus. Huu... Same je la, cume at least aku tak buang masa. Keke
So.. There, my sahur. Aku makan sebelom tidur, approximately pukul 3 pagi. Amiiinnn. Bahahahaa.


Cheryl (Cole) - Screw you

"I love you so much, but you never give a f***"


Haha, post yang berbaur broken hearted. Don't judge,coz this song is new, it's gonna go viral soon.
Just nak state, aku hipster. HAHA.

Thank you Cheryl, you read my mind. I love you. <3 <3 <3


I was watching The Vow. And what a heartless am I, that I didnt cry!

I thought I would cry! I needed to cry my eyes out at least for a heart breaking movie like that, and also, bonus point that it is actual inspired by a true event!

That movie was actually happen to somebody out there yaww! Have a heart Nurul Ain! Cry will ya?

All and all, the husband is sweet, he surely fights for his love, and eventually earn it.
I wish there were someone like that in my life that would rather fight for what we had, eventough, its the memory that I can't even remember.

On the other hand, another bonus point for be able to literally turn back time and taken the road not taken, experience what if you actually do that and not this... Its a gift of life.

And I somehow secretly wanted to have chance to do over everything that I have done wrong, be a better person.

But hey, I do not want to involve in that major accident... :)).



Aku kinda in a learning process, Im not even close to Yuna or whoever you know who plays guitar. HAHA.
But Im learning.

Aku pernah berangan nak main gitar sambil nyanyi on a certain song which I think would be perfect to play on guitar. Ahaaa... Great. I kinda accomplished it.

Setiap malam, aku curik curik amek gitar angah, masuk dalam bilik and strumming like crazy.

My problem was, I cant even strum right. Ahaahahaha... But, whatever makes me happy. ;)


I kinda in need of money.

Coz I got my eyes on something. I was wondering how ever do I want to earn money, when I am not capable of working physically right now?

Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to work, whatever job that makes me an independent girl. I can imagine myself working at 7-11, I must say. I saw all of the opportunity before my eyes, but, it's my mom. She wont let me.

I was serious when I thought I could actually work at a Abang Kidd's but hey, he said he wont take part timers. *sigh*

So I thought of doing crohets bussiness, but trust me, crohets needs a lot of time to work on it, and I can't demand high price since the 'modal' was cheap.

Im not good with bussiness thing. But I am capable of saving money.


I bought it!

Ahahahaha! Yes! Daripada aku kecil hati dengan manusia sekeliling, better aku bercinta ngan GD.

Tak sangka pulak service Valoa records tu mantap sekali. Aku baru je kot place order haritu, ingatkan lambat lagi la kot sampai kat rumah, turn out.... Aku tak balik rumah lagi dah sampai dah.
Its a 2 weeks process I think.

And my dad was super maaad... And then I lied. I told my mom that was actually a gift from my friend, yang mana aku just bagi alamat je, mende tu sampai.

Well, technically, it is a gift...from Valoa! She's my friend yaww!

I feel a bit restless. I thought that all the attention is on my Along right now that my parents wouldnt care about me and then I just can do anything on my own... Without anyone told me anything...or not to.

Haiyaa... I guess I just have to make a straight face to deal with them after this. Its lucky that they don't know about the RM almost 450 BigBang limited edition collaboration with Fila Bag I bought in my first sem... Pheww. And a couple of Bigbang shirts, of course limited edition, collaboration with Uniqlo.. Together with a sweater... Nearly cost me another Rm200++.

I don't care. As long as Im happy. Keke... And you don't get to say anything. Bluwek. Bye!


Nice. I have the apps for blogger. Okay.


I decided to comeback to blogger. Hail ya! I'm back!

After ditching the twitter site that parasite, #rhyme

I decided to get back to my old life, blogging about silly things. I don't care, this is where I began, I have to treasure my silliness.

I'm sorry if I'm not the kind who post about only the good things, I'm trying not be a hypocrite that I am not like that to start with. I am the see-through kind. I shows my emotions and feeling, like Cheryl Cole. I wanna be like her more, the powerful strength she had in life. #Admiring

Oh well, this isn't twitter that i foolishly using hashtag, but hey, I ditch it for a while, this is the least I can do. :D.

Look forward to my posts. Oh well, I was talking to me and, to whoever come across this blog. I'm not a blogger, I just type in whatever I feel, and click post. I do not recheck to see if my post were worth reading, pfft, that is all bullshiate!

HAHA. I'm not judging who blog, keep up the good work, its that, I'm not a reader, so, you would undertsand aight?

Okay now, bye then.

//I need to check whether there's an app for blogger in my phone :D//