Dear Apple,

i'm putting my hands down, i surrender.i gave up.

the 1st time you did this to me, is unacceptable, i tend not to make it a big deal, i thought, i was too dumb to believe in you, or you really innocent of making that joke on me.

for the 1st time, i feel disappointed of you.

but then, i try to be cool about it, "Just forget about it" i said. but when i'm about to forgive you, you did it for the second time, and this time, IT GOT WORSE.

i never expect that you're just joking about it, when i really need a help, i thought that you are a hero, that can save me it the nick of time, i NEARLY fallen to your false security invitation. you broke my heart ever since, that by the time that happen, i promise myself that, i never text you, call you, or find you. I JUST WANT IT ALL ENDS. so, i make my heart suffer, by hating you.

Things are going very easy for me, since, i have something to remind me how much i hate you, how much you hurt my heart, and broke my trust on you, my plans starting to go well, and i'm starting to be okay about it. I'M SO OKAY about it. Although, the very first week of that happened, i'm not that okay. i thought that everything about you, is so hard to let it go, it is such a nice memory i ever got in my life. You WERE such an adventure to me.

HUH! just about i began to stop keeping touch with you, stop all the messages, calls, [ that i used to spend a lot of money on you ] or sharing pictures.. you came on to me, UNEXPECTEDLY, coz, that is SO NOT YOU, you never start SMSing me first, you never reply me not that much of story to tell, you never apologized if you ever late replying my msg.

hurm... then i tought, you feel that you're losing me.

SHIT, by the time i think about that, it makes me feel, HEAD OVER HEELS in love again, i feel that, i am something to you.. i have a TITLE in your heart.. i thought that i am your SOMEBODY.

so.. FOOLISH me, i got clingy over you, AGAIN. Trust me, honey, you're irresistible for me.

BUT...i don't go that road too far, i tell myself, that i wont fall deep inside it again. SO, I DID. i feel strong, i act towards you, DIFFERENTLY. I go harsh on you. I ends all the texts you started. I used all the words you used to use it on me, where i dont really like it that much. I rarely text you, or sometimes, i don't reply to your text. I GO STRONG.

about weeks this mission going well, and i'm not feeling dizzy or squishy over my stomach when i think about you, in a second, i can swipe you away from my mind, and got busy.

HOWEVER... i dont know how you do that.. or what has got into you. I see you go clingy on me. You started you call me HONEY, SAYANG and ask me if i want to sing COUPLE with you, when in the previous time, you are so ANTI about it. How many times i joke around with you, calling you such names, you go reflected over it. You draw a line to me that, FRIENDS are JUST FRIENDS.

By that time again, i act strong on the outside.. sayings all the bad things through my lips, commented about you're calling me honey, sayang.. but in the inside? no one knows. i go dilemma, i can't decide, if i want to go on the mission, or drop it off, and go back to you.

I STOP THERE, do nothing. follow with the flow. STOP THINKING.

Next Part is :

YOU ASK ME OUT. you ask me eagerly, that you wanna go out with me, and it will be your treat. NICE.

and i go, WOW! but.. i dont expect too much, and i even expect that you will BLEW ME OFF for the 3rd time.

but deep inside me, hoping that you are really change, coz you're really eager about it. i'm so touched.

HERE WE GO AGAIN. YOU BLEW ME OFF, with no text on that day, no calls, nothing. you say nothing, i bet you're forgot. But how can someone ask some other person out, and forget about it? yeah, you're right, MEN are like that.

[ hey hey, i'm not some girl who go chauvinist about men. but he is a man, and guys out there should be mad at this guy of letting down your reputations. :) ]

and you never remember about it, and i never remind you about it. so yeah, you're innocent.. SO INNOCENT. i feel like, that i'm the one who go eager over you now, i'm the one who remember that you ask me out, i'm the one who go excited about it. HOW THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?


me and friends got our heads together, to play it on you, REVENGE TIME. so we plan a small one, [hey, i'm not heartless] I ask you to do something for me, i guess you're fallen into it.. but my aura is not that strong to cast a spell on you, YOU REJECTED MY REQUEST JUST LIKE THAT. you think you're a man, so you can told me off?

i thought i got you in my trap, but, i'm trapped! i ask you to go down and met me, you took so long to answer, i bet you're getting ready, but then.. i waited for so long.. that i'm about to move on.. and let you search for me.. as if i'm pranking you that way. but then.. you call me, and you're still in your room, not getting ready, just, do nothing. OH MY. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU. YOU'RE MEAN. you never know how much you hurt this heart.. without ever knowing it.

That's it.. THAT'S the 4-times things that i never forget.

At one point, i'm thinking about getting a huge revenge on you. I wanna do the same to you. I want you to feel how i feel. but.. i guess you just don't get it, or you feel nothing. coz you're that IGNORANT. So, i drop the case. Maybe next time, i go back on track. BEWARE.

P/S: Need to remind you that, you're messing with the wrong person here.

With Love:
The girl you've hurt.


aku wrote facebook message to Asiah Rosedi.. :


exam tadi sucks!!!!
bukan aku yg suck, tapi tak sistematic langsong!

ade ke patot, awal2 aku sampai kat venue tuh, tade rupe mcm tmpt org yg nak exam pon, aku call bro kazzman, dy tatau gak, dy suh check kat irkhs department, takot ade change of venue, aku tak pegi ah, takot2, kang exam start, aku ntah ke mane,

lame gak tggu, dah kol 3+ dah, then ade ust dtg, change la venue, pegi cri tempat nak exam kat neh, amek je kelas ane2, then, dlm kol 3.07+ exam start,

TGK2! missing page, yg part essay plak tuh!

ok ok, tape, org tuh tgh usaha, nak dptkan page2 laen, then, agak mengambil mase yg lame ah, sampai dy pggel org laen dtg jage kitorang, then, dy pegi photostat, then, sesampai je die, yg kononnye amek mase 10 min pegi photostat tu, bagi2 kertas, dy ckp, "ok, tambah la mase, 10 min lagi"

and i thought, 10 min yg die tambah tuh, termasok ngan minit2 yg dy amek utk tggu org dtg jage, time die duk calling2 org sume2 tuh, and change of venue and sume2 tuh, tetibe, tgk2, mmg betol2 10 mins,

for 1 essay and 2 other true or false (with explanation) questions,


laen la yg org laen yg dah dpt kertas tuh, i mean , aku n the half of the class tadapat, tetibe, dpt extra mins dlm 10 - 15 mins. laen lah, kalo dy bg tahu dulu tajok essay tuh ape the whole exam time, ni, in 10 mins tu gak dpt tau tajok, and 10 min tu gak kene wat mind map, cari isi, n 10 mins tu gak kene wat essay, WTH?

aku tadapat nak kate ape2, memandangkan org dah sume, kalot2 bangun dr tempat masing2, anta kertas, aku pon, ikot je la skali, dgn bhagian essay, KOSONG

aku baru dpt idea yg bernas superb , bru nak jot, tapi, tak suson ayat lagi pon, tetibe ckp, TIME'S UP!


aku tak sedih, but, TAK PUAS HATI AH!

da la bro salu pggel aku ayam, isk isk, :))))

nnt kang, result rendah, ntah hape dy nak pggel aku... !"

[the last part wasn't the motive, haha]


Happy Birthday My lil' Cutie Friend :)

Semoga dipanjangkan umor, dimurahkan rezeki..
I hope we'll be friends forever... PROMISE ME ;)

I LOVE YOU , muaaacckkxx!!