I need a change.

This is not one of the post where I-regret-myself-for-being-who-I-am-right-now-that-I-need-a-drastic-change-plus-it-is-close-to-new-year-so-what-the-heck-I need-a-new-me kind of post.

At the top my head, I need to change my blog layout. It's pretty heavy, and UIA's internet connection hasnt been a good friend to all of us I must say.

So. It's been like, what, 3 years since I actively blog? I don't remember what keyword to search on the blog layout thingy anymore, care to venture me some website....?

I know Minoh would probably reply to this post, or maybe she won't.




The phone

Im not a fun person you're looking for to having a conversation on the phone. Merely fun. Just plain boring.

Im great live in action. You can see me with my facial expression, body language and hand gesture exagerrate things, imaginative move that could speculate the real thing. Yes. Thats me.
But over the phone? Na'ah. Nada. Im boring.

The way Im accepting a call surely cool and flacky as I use the high pitch voice and goes "haluuuu!" to everyone's name who is familiar came on my screen.

But to keep the conversation longer and interesting? Naah. If I ever talk to you long enough to make you change ears and reposition your posture, thats just me with the sparks and a strong chemistry between us. Thats mean we are good. You're not boring, and you're not making me a boring.

And if you notice me using the high and squeaky voice asking you nonsense or blurt out stuff not related to the previous topic, thats just me trying to change the subject and hoping that you dont know that I think your story is boring.

I must say I am more a listener if you notice me not responding well to you story. Or maybe I dont know how to tell you or I dont know what to tell you. I absorb. If I can help, I responded. But maybe later.

There may be a time, that I try to make the conversation longer... I started to throw a lot of questions, acting all interested in you, personally, and I pause a lot, talking with a very sweet and careful voice, laugh out loud a lot to let you know that you're interesting, and I-tried-not-to-make-this-awkward-that-you-are-also-boring-but-I-like-you-So-must-pretend.

If you notice me responded things that I have said over and over again, thats just mean, I ran out of advice, maybe you should try the one I've told you over and over again so that I don't repeat myself ever. Again.

If I say things like " Hmmm... Okayyyy........" note the long and dragging vocal?
Its a universal signal of telling you, "We should hang up now, I got things a lot better to do than sitting here listening to your boring-not-important story."

Maybe thats why I dont get a lot of call. I kinda miss talking to people over the phone. LOL.

Keep it short and sweet. Whats to lose for?
Be informative. Aha!

Now. Who's gonna call me at night and have a chat? Come come!
Teach me how to be funny on the phone. Aha!

2013 in a nutshell

I didnt know Asiah Rosedi still blogs.

Oh well. Hello. It's been a long time. I know. I can't believe my side column of this blog is still the Nuffnang with a tag line; 7 Months unemployed kid.

7 Months holiday? That was before I was even enter IIUM Gombak. Im in the third year now forgodsake! I need to change that......or maybe I wont. Kinda miss having a long vacation like that. This year, marked as the hecticus? Hecticiest? HAHA. The most HECTIC year of my life so far.

Wont be writting here as much I did before, this is just a stop by..... maybe I'll see you in another 2-3 years. Aha! updating once a year.

*Sipping a cup of green tea*

There's so much that happen in my 2013 that I cant even begin with. Let's go through very roughly, summarized.

Let's start with January.

Hurm, for sure it must be the end of the 2012, I was picturing myself kalut-ing for Portfolio. I remember my lecturers telling us that we can re-submit the group board on 2nd Jan, so that's my first clue. And then, Going out with Assila and Aminah on 5th Jan, a day before Assila's birthday celebrating the New Year. Yeah, We are New Year Buddies.

So, February.

I'm gonna say that its the beginning of the new semester? I guess. And apparently this sem was quite tough for me. We were going to do a site visit on this semester project, at Ipoh. Oh! I remember buying a new pair of Adidas sport shoe for having to trail the whole KL by foot for literature study before going to Ipoh.

And March! I think in the mid of March, we all going to Ipoh, trailing the whole Old Town, and and my goodness! I can only thing the bad memories there.

I lost my favorite Mickey Mouse Umbrella. :(
I argue with my groupmate like so intensely. I think I ran out the hotel and starts running to calm down. And cry a lil. Just a lil.
And my foot were aching like hell for sure.

Hey! I was having fun with the guys at the Pulau Kapas at the end of March. Oh, that was fun. Ask me about it. I don't wanna tell it here. Hehe.

One of my toe got stabbed badly by the Sea Urchin. That's it.

Moving on to April.

I can't remember any nice thing happening in April, well I guess bad things a tonnes! But I dont want to talk bout it. The clue is, The tense is still on, Back in the group. *Sigh*

May. I think this is the midst of everything! Everything is hectic! As far as I concern, there's finals coming up, the preparation for heritage was about to start. The boards need to be done for portfolio. The exams, the final presentation, Everything. This is the end of the semester, of course! but the hectic was doubled with the Heritage Studies preparation and the finals.

And oh! I got a nephew! Qid Uzairy!

June. I remember on 10th June is our last paper, and on the 12th is when our flight takes off to China! Wooho!! We were going to China! For 8 days yaw! Ohhh! Okay this is the best part, going out of the country to study their culture, is just nice! Haha!

First 2 days in Kunming, 7 hours bus ride to Lijiang. 4 days in Old Town Lijiang, doing work by the way, and 1 day at the Black Dragon Pool, and another day at the Snow Mountain. Got back to Kunming a day before the departure to Malaysia. Phew! My 8 days in China in less than 30 words. Dont count.

Bam! Back to Malaysia! So much things to do! Bringing China to Malaysia! Preparation for the Exhibition! The start of the Short semester! Started off slow, at the first 2 weeks, and the part where we starts to build the model, it got interesting.

July. Still in the preparation of the Exhibition. In Ramadhan, god forsaken! A lil bit tired, but Im sure Im very committed. And....My birthday. The most boring Birthday ever! No one's there to celebrate. Thanks for some who tried to pull a prank on me and only tell me 3 days later.

I even got fever on my birthday, in my defense, someone I hope for didn't wish me on my day as he said he would. Doesnt matter though... it just a fever. HAHA.

August. Raya! One day in Terengganu, and go back to KL bcoz of my sister! She was having a labor! Haha. My second nephew....this year! Haha. Aqil Hasbi. and.... Back to Uia. Suppose that our Exhibition held by 28th of August, suddenly postpone to 9th sept. Together with ALAM. Assembly of Landscape Architecture Malaysia? Something like that. A huge annual seminar held in Malaysia's Lansdcape Architecture....profession? Ironno meng.

September. Newflash! The ALAM got postpone. Suddenly our Exhibition too and it moved to the 11th, the 2nd week of the new Semester, but! SOMETHING CAME UP! Suddenly we are going to Sarawak instead, abandoning all the exhibition stuff that we work on for months, to come to Sarawak for our new site visit for this semester. And get this. FOR TWO WEEKS.

Missing classes for 2 weeks? Nice.

Is Sarawak a nice trip? Yes sure, minus the pressure. Sure. Press. Sure. Hurm. Again, site visit. The kinderbueno of my life. I dont know why kinderbueno, because all about that fattening snack is delicious, but, one part black and one part white. Oreo? Hey. Shut up.

All and all. I got back from Sarawak, all black. Tanned. Too boring being white. Having 2 days to install the exhibition stuff. We did it! Our exhibition is the best! Too bad Asiah wasnt be able to attend. *Sigh* See ya next year, so sorry for being too busy.

October. Just another day fighting over the workload. This project way more pressure by the presence of our Emiritus Prof. He loves us so much that we feel that we kinda dont deserve it. At least that what I feel. We kinda taking him for granted.

Another Highlight! A new family member! A niece! Okay, thats 3 anak sedara in a year!

November. Prof is treating our hectic studio project with a dinner and lucky draw and stuff. We all dressed up to PICC, having dinner at a nice hotel, together with his program. And the end of this month we kinda already come to our final. Again. yes. Sure. bending over backwards trying to accomplish everything until the dateline. I did it. AT LEAST.

Later that night after submitting the boards, I take a bus ride to home sweet home. We were having Aqiqah ceremony for the 3 newborns.

December. Going back to IIUM. On a bus. Coz miscalculating the total of person riding a 4 seated car plus luggage. After the final we got 2 weeks to amend for another assessment. And that what I should be doing now, instead, I blog. Killing time. Like finally, having the rest. But not so much. if it not the workload that stressing out me, the people.

And the days still going on... waiting for a new year. Start afresh! See ya December 2014! Haha

Sorry, No visual aids. Next Year. Or visit my instagram and twitter. @Nuhyuh

Bukan Niatku....

Aha! Bukan niat ku untuk kembali berbelogging. Tapi... Banyak sangat nak cerita, takot crowd kt twitter tidak dapat menerima timeline mereka penuh dengan dongeng aku.

Tapi. I need to jot somewhere that I would remember by one day.
So...dah alang alang ade app blogger ni....laju je aku curah isi jantung aku kat belog.

Kat belog, aku weak sikit. Bajet nak sedih2 je. Haha.

And nak speaking je. Kalau cakap live in action, gagap.

By the way.

Expecting 2013 will be awesome, why dont I started blogging ups and down this year.


But, I wont promise. Haha. Studios and stuff are like the pain in the ass. I might not have time to blog... I wont. Haha


Memori Budak 5 Tahun

Siapakah budak itu? Oh. Itu aku. Simple.

Melawat Ladang aku membesar...Oh SO MUCH better now! Rerumah ade yang dah uprgade dari kayuke batu, kaler oren siap....

Hakikatnye, I am a lil girl who have all these memories that makes this big girl wanna cry :(


*Driving/ from KL to Ganu, Location : Cheneh*

Abah : Nok melawat Mok Su dop? Tengok anok baru die?
Aku : Nokkkk!

Vroommmmmm ke Bukit Besi.

"Laaa. Mok Su duduk Ladang Pinang Mas lagi??"

Masuk kawasan Ladang Pinang Mas.

*Dup dap dup dap*

"Ma...how come Nuyu tadok memori pon lalu sini mase kecik kecik dulu?"
"Mu xingat kot..."

Lalu jambatan...


//Sila baca the one with capital letters with high squeaky noise, #Eh voice.//

Lalu bukit....

"Umph, rumoh orang lain doh la... Manager lain la pulop duduk atah bukit tu..." Ujar Mama dengan suara mendatar.




"Ha, Kedai Pok Jat" Sampuk Mama.

Lalu kawasan perumahan...

"Ahahaha. Eh, ni bukan rumoh Mok Su ke?"
"Mok Su pindoh doh, atas sikit rumoh die"




Beliau bukan lah Pokcik yang related to me by blood...but he was like a family to me.
Pokcik lah yang antar aku pagi pagi naik moto, pegi tadika. Beliau dah tua kot, angkot aku yang gemok naik motosikal nazak beliau.

Balik tadika, aku always pujuk Pokcik nak pegi lepak rumah Pokcik dulu la, rumah Jah la, rumah Abang Jang la. Aku manje sangat ngan Pokcik ni. Petang-petang Pokcik ngajar bebudak ngaji... aku lepak rumah Pokcik sampaaaaaaai abah mari cari aku. HAHA.

Bile dah besar, pindah rumah, Pokcik mari melawat, mesti bawak hadiah.

POKCIK SAYANG GILE KAT AKU. Macam cucu die sendiri, kata beliau.

Oleh kerana lame dah aku tak balik Ladang, *Pindah Padang Midin around hujung tahun 1995* dapat berita beliau dah tade, rase macam "I'M NOT BUYING IT, I BET HE'S STILL THERE"

Macam, Michael Jackson mati, rase mcm... "Ah, MJ dok mati lagi eh, ade je dinun, sek ni nipu"

Aku rase aku ingat lagi once, Pokcik telefon rumah, aku angkat ;

"Hello, Nuyu? Ni Pokcik ni"
"Oh, Pokcik... bakpe pokcik telepon?"
"Hurm, Pokcik accident, patoh kaki..."
"Ooo... pahtu...?"
"Xdop ah, saje je... Mama ade?"

Mase tu aku 10 tahun, sombong gile cakap ngan pokcik. :(( Im sorry Pokcik, uwaaa :((
Sebenarnya aku awkward, aku tak reti cakap ngan orang tua, I dunno how to make conversation. Even cakap telefon ngan mak aku pon awkward.

*Memori Nuyu, 5 tahun*

Main dekat area rak Pokcik.
Jumpa jam pasir.

"Eh, tu bukan Pokcik punye, nanti la Pokcik belikan ke Nuyu eh?"

"Ok, Mai tido ngan pokcik."


"Pale pokcik gatal gatal la... *garu garu"
"Nuyu ade kutu la pokcik"
"Patut laaa... "


AH! Sedih ah. Sedih sebab I don't remember how he looks. I don't remember much interaction with him except the ones I had when I was 5 and below. I was being awkward with him when I grow older...

No other pokcik can replace my POKCIK.

I don't remember how he looks... In my blurred memories, POKCIK is this old man, with glasses on, and kupiah. I don't even know his real name...

//Habis dah selingan//

Naik bukit sikit.... Tukar gear, Vroooommmm, ade rumah baru siap, BAM! Nampak kereta Mok Su.

Tengok kiri kanan, IT'S NOT THE SAME!!


Park. Jalan sikit, Salam Mok Su.

"Mana rumoh Pokcik?"

"Mana rumoh Pokcik?"

"Mana rumoh Pokcik?"

"Mana rumoh Pokcik?"

"Mana rumoh Pokcik?"

"Mana rumoh Pokcik?"

"Rumoh Pokcik takdok doh la, rombok doh, lame doh takdok... Pokcik kan lame doh ningga..."

"Mana rumoh Pokcik?"

Tatap rumah baru yang dibina atas tanah where rumah Pokcik used to be.

"Mana rumoh Pokcik....?"


Lawat baby baru, makan, minum solat siap siap kat rumah Mok Su, then balik.

Lalu rumah atas bukit, rumah aku dulu... Aboh slowing down...

"ABOH! JOM LA GI..! Kite naik kejap, Nuyu nok tengok je, ade lagi ke dop buai putih depan rumoh tuh? Ade lagi ke dop kandang arnab bawoh rumoh tu? Nuyu nok tengok beranda panjaaaaang hop otw nok gi bilik Nuyu tu..."

"Ish, rumoh keling lah.... *Then bla bla bla bla aboh menerangkan agenda politik dan meluahkan rase ketidak puasan hati beliau kenapa ladang ni diberi kepada Keling, katanya MadSaid bodoh*...."

"Ye la ye la, nampok atap rumoh pon jadi la..."

Sedih, rumah Pokcik pon takde dah to reminisce, rumah aku duduk dulu pon xleh nak gi tgk.... sedih.



2013 - A note to myself

Yea. How time flies.
Maybe I should 'really' keep the promise I made to myself... Like for real.
No more backing out, Nurul Ain.
Time and tide waits for no man, They say.
Come on. Be better. I assure you no regrets.
/A note to myself/