Before Sunrise, Sunset, and Midnight.

Staring at the ceiling as if I can shoots lasers and make a circle hole through that..... level of boring.

I kinda need to be alive!

Im breathing. A pretty solid sign that Im ALIVE.

I want to feel something. So I get up, and started searching something on the internet. Something that could make me.... a human. 

In that case. I needed to cry.

I started searching for romantic-love related movies. Mostly comedic or Nicholas Sparks kind of movie. That would make me reaching for the tissues or any soft and water-absorbing material nearby and wipe my tears rolling down my....hopefully, fat cheek.


Browsing on IMDb search tools, I stumble on the lists that people made on TOP #40 Romantic movie. HELL YEAH!

MOST. MOST of them already watched. Pfft. But I came across this one title that was new to me. 

"Before Sunrise"

Head on click on it. 

1995..... Not bad. I like old movies. 
Ethan Hawke? Even better! 
Julie Deply...? She's pretty. 

Meh... What the heck... Let's download it! I scroll down, and laugh at the next title I see, I said to myself

"Haha, are these movie making industries running out of titles already? Pfft, Before Sunrise--- Before Sunset"

Little that I know that was the sequence of Before Sunrise.

It's a bit odd that the sequence published (?) 9 years after the first one.

I head on downloading, until I stumbled on Before Midnight. That was out in 2013, which make the sequels are in 9 years time. So so soooo much curious about the movies!

They are the same actors! Thats mean they are really....really aging throughout the movies. This is insane.

How can they be sure that they lived another 9 years?


So lemme start with Before Sunrise.

The beauty of this movie is that this movie actually inspired by a true story. It was the Director/Producer story, except the movie setting in 1995, Venice-- a lil bit more romantic I must say, while the real on in Philadelphia.

The guy (Jesse / Ethan Hawke) an American travelling to Venice on a train, met this young girl, named Celine (Julie Delpy) who lived in Paris. Both 23, They talked and seems to be really into each other. He heads on random asking the girl to walk with him around Venice before he actually have to go back to the States in the morning, hence, the title "Before Sunrise" 

So, if I didnt know that they had sequence 9 years later, I would cries my eyes out wishing they wouldnt have to part, and that they'd made a nice couple bla bla bla... but I DO KNOW. So I wouldnt worry much. That much spoiler huh? The 1st movie is very sweet, The process they connect, all they do is talk and walk... for the whole 1 and half hour of the movie, trust me, if you're not into such talking movie, steer clear this one.

The conversation flow like *snap* this. Click click click. From one topic to another. No climax. Just plain talking. Boring huh? Most true story turns out to be like that.... thats... life.

They were talking about not meeting each other ever again, no string attached, no phone number exchanged, somehow, they love what they had, so decide to met at the very spot they parted, in the next 6 months. Then the movie ended. How frustrated is that??

I was so frustrated that I cleaned my room. That is rare. 

That night I watch Before Sunset.  

2004. Bam! The guy is in Paris. Publishing a book. About his trip in Venice and one night magical story. And guess who else in Paris? Yeah, the girl. Celine. How did they meet again? Because the book is famous, and then Celine happens to read it. I was wondering if they met after they made a promise back then... turns out, they don't. The girl's grandma past away at the very same day, and the guy.... happens to be there, owe his father 2k for the trip. Devastating, but they let it go easy. Both looking great. 32 years old. And again, walk and talk, only this time, he had to catch a plane by sunset, HENCE THE TITLE. 

The movie ended without knowing if the guy really catching his plane before sunset or not.....

TADAA! Before Midnight! 9 years later! 2013! They had kids! The girl gone fat ass. The end. HAHA. 

Look how they ages? Like we really really do see them growing, and knowing their stories. I must warned you, The movie is boring with all the talking, but, they seems to pretty much catching us up with their live between the 9 years we had miss. I guess.

Before midnight is kinda intense. This is where the real thing started to hit em. They have a family ,these responsibilities and all. Too much drama I must say, but all and all, it's life. 

And they manage to stop with all the drama, before midnight came. Hence.... the.... title....

The part where it is actually inspired by a true story is only the first one, the other are written by Ethan Hawke and Julie themselves

Turn out, the girl that the director met in Philadelphia was dead in a tragic accident between Before Sunrise 1995 and Before Sunset 2004. He didnt get a chance to see her again. Too bad.

So, I was wondering, if they had actually make movies with 9 years apart, will they make another in the next 9 years?

Ethan Hawke and Julie will be 50 for godsake. Im sure Ethan will be hot looking still, but I dont know about her though. 

What's the next title? Before Noon (2022) ?

ps: I dont know why the pictures are distorting. Im a bit awkward with the new blogger system. pfft.

Im done blabbering! Bye! 

I did.

So. I did change.... Its simple. Its the already-there template. And.... Its easier.