Dear 10-year-old me,

Hi! I'm the 20-year-old you. Yeah, infront of my friends, I wouldn't say that I am 20, NOT UNTIL 14th July of 2010. HAHA. yeah well,I should be prepared to be 20 years old right? and I should not address our friends as MY friends, 'coz They are all gonna be YOUR friends too, so, OUR friends lah kan. ;)

I wish I could tell you what happen in the next 10 years. I mean, I wish I could MAKE you see what it is that we've done wrong, things that poor us go through. Well, I would give my best shot.

OK. We are 10, we're still living in the rent house that the owner of the small province store, Tok Ma, rented it to us, right? Well, guess what, by the end of next year, you will be moving out...TO OUR NEW HOUSE! Yippie!

And you got to say things like, "I can't believe I live in such a big house like this" or "Is this really my home?" Yeah, get use to it, you gonna say things like that for couple of days right after you come back from school, and then....BORING.

Haha. Oh, it's been a year you've been thrown out from the "youngest" title in the family eh? HAHA. Don't get to close with them, they can be pain in the ass. HOHO. OH! SOMETHING you wouldn't believe will happen in the next 10 years! It's like a drama in the TV! I'll get back to that, later.

Oh By the way, I MUST warn you not to eat A LOT! yeah! WE GOT BIGGER! eww... you should stop eating uncontrolably. You are so gonna regret. AND! never pick your acnes, with your dirty oily hands! you gonna ruin OUR pretty face! And take a good care of OUR GORGEUOS white-skin legs! We got some severe skin-complextion, so wear pants all the time, and put lotion on em everynight!

You should be more active, do not sleep everytime you got free time, HEH. Get up! DO something. Don't be lazy. Help OUR mom at the kitchen, learn to cook. Well.. do something at least. Sleeping overdose-ly is one of the reason WE got fat. haiyaa.

Suprise Suprise, you got your 1st period on 25th Oct 2001. BE PREPARED! Enjoy yourself while it last!

By the way, try to be more pretty and clean when you're going to school, those boys in your class turn out to be very charming and handsome when they growing up, OF COURSE they look chubby and sloppy and grumpy now, but OH MY GOD. They are gorgeous now!

AND. You've done well in you UPSR, Congratulation. I should tell you now, join your friends who applied to those prestige school, like SBP, MRSM. Try to convince OUR dad on getting us on one of those school. hurm. You'll know what I'm saying then.

Go watch and get crazy about Hindustan film, or Telenovella. 'coz you know what, you might wanna catch up with your friends about those things. Haiyaa. Do not watch too much Japan dramas, or else you got no friends to share it with.

Start learning Japanese, it will help you to communicate with Obachan and Ojichan. Remember what the late Mama Miwa told you, that you are such a good learner. When you're 5 years old you get to remember from 1 - 10 in Japp! Great. You are meant to learn all those things.

OK, I gotta stop now, I think I burden you so much for a lil kid. MOST of ALL, ENJOY yourself, you can never turn back time to feel the feeling of being a 10 years old.

Take Care!

The 20-year-old YOU.


Farah :
Kakain, Farah bace dalam Berita Harian Online tadi - Seorang mayat dijumpai.....
Mira : (interrupted) Seorang? Sebuah?
Aku : Seketul? Seekor?
Syela : errm.... Mayat je.
Farah : OK. MAYAT dijumpai...

Seems like we are more interested on the classifier she uses rather than the story she's about to tell. FUNNY. :D

well. Penjodoh Bilangan yg sebetul2 nye for Mayat is, Sekujur.