Selamat Pengantin Baru

*pengantin baru kene berjemor tgh panas, haha, payong macam unfunctioning la plak*

*a very nice shot! congrates!*

*mak aku yg pakai spek itam vogue tuh, haha, ni berjalan mengikot ketinggian ke? hahaha :D *

(photos credited to Hasifah Videl Kuchiki )

hoho, byk lagi gambr, ni pon aku curik dr kawan abg aku, tapi, ni just nak mengenalkan kakak ipar ku, Kak Mafakhira.

bestnye kawen ;)


and.. this is my entry :

Anybody who interested to participate this contest, visit this link :


remember the time when i said i had a collection of notebooks that i bought just because of they're fancied and cute and cool, and i never wrote anything in there?

yeah, i ADORE those notebooks, but guess what, YURA took them and make them her own, AREN'T you PISSED OFF if you're me?

ok ok, say what you wanna say :

"come on, she's a kid, you don't wanna pick a fight with a kid,are you?"

"she's your sister, be nice"

all i heard is blah blah blah blah...!

i guess i can let her go with those notebooks that she drew all over the pages, i won't be taking them back, cause, they are like, hideous now, arrghhh..!

BUT! i saw her pasting my Johnny Depp's collection pictures inside the book, which make me more mad because i've been keeping those pictures for such a loooong time since i was 14! ARRRGGHH!

HELLO! it's JOHNNY DEPP we're talking about!

OH MY! why do i have such an annoying sister,eh?

yeah, you got that right, i said, SISTER.

why she have to bother all of my stuff? it's okay if those thing just lost somewhere else, or some place called The Lost Land or whatever, but it's not okay if SHE took it..

GREAT, now i sounded like a big sister who cry over the stuff that her lil sister took, SHIT! SCREW YOU! SCREW THEM ALL!


**don't get me wrong, i won't go and mess around with the kid's head, or punch her in the face or kick her in the ass, NO, i just, tired of those, HAHA, it's old skool, i just play nice with her, but make her suffer! MIAHAHAHAHA, again, NO, i just let it go, she's a kid, there's not much to do about, i got many things to take care of instead of her.. HAHA..

*** see, im not that evil ;)



ehem2, marilah kita mulakan dgn bacaan Al-Fatihah, *bace lah, jgn tak bace plak*

panjang cerita nye, tapi kite pendekkan je lah, hehe, tapi aku sure takkan jadi pendek punye lah, HOHO.

dimulakan dgn, aku n mira rancang nak kuar sesame jumaat pagi 11th Dec, which is the day that we're going back home, mira will be boarding her bus at Putra, and mine will be at the CFSIIUM, yeah, aku beli tiket GATE, malas aku nak travel pegi putra angkot barang2, penat lah..

the plan is that, mira and i will go out together somewhere, mira wanted to buy a sweater to wear that night, she knew that she can't handle the cold in the bus, and, i supposely need to accompany her to the Putra station, and soon, i will be going back to the CFS alone, -- kinda sad though, but, it just a plan, things might change.

so, having the thought of going back alone, travelling in the public transport that -- i dont usually get used to,-- is a real challenging for me, so, i called amir, my x-secondary school mate, who live in Jalan Kuching which is closed to the Putra station, see if he can help me with anything, so that i wont go back alone, it's sounds scary you know.

then, after all the chat, seems like he can't help me with anything -- actually he can, A BIG YES he gave me if only he got the chance to use the car on that day, sadly, his sister need to use it, :( hehe, sounded really cool if he came and fetch us with his car though, hehe. BTW Amir, thanks for the thoughts!

next, i "try and error" Munzir, my big "bro".

well, student life, he can't accompany me, *sigh*, but he did give me a lot of toughts to make it happens, but, it just don't. not in any way. Thanks to you too Munzir! you try your best though.

next, my thought came across Ajim, my last-sem-Arabic-class-mate, but i dont have his number, so i contacted his friend, which is also a friend of mine, Saddam.

Oh , too bad, Ajim was with Saddam at Saddam's bro's house, hurm, THEN the plan kinda have to stick to where "i must go back alone" , so sad :(

a big adventure's coming! it's the day! waking up at noon, [hehe, bagos tol anak dare neh] then, get moving at 2 pm. got a text from Saddam, seems like Ajim is present in CFS by noon, too bad, they have to go to the Jumaat prayer, Aaaah! screw them, i can survive! -- i think..

then, the journey soon begin, we travel by bus to KL central, and the bus is sooo SUCKS!

*ehem3* setibe nye kami di KL central, aku n mira rancang nak gi TS, so we wanna put the luggages in the thingy, alaa, yg letak brg tuh, hehe, but then, we cancel our "trip" to the TS because we're running out of time, sape suroh bgun kol doplas? HOH!

bajet2, lepas anta mira kat Putra, trus nak balik uia, dlm kol 6, tanak la lewat2, i don't want to travel back, ALONE, in the night, NO WAAY!

tup2, sampai kat Putra pon dah kol 6, nak teman mira beli sweater lagi, bla bla bla, then, dan dan plak, time tuh, jumpe kawan chat mira, mikail, borak2, ajak dy pegi The Mall jap, bla bla bla, tup tup! dah dekat kol 7, aaa, kalot nye aku nak nek KTM seko2...sampai terlepas 1st trip, kes aku tgk sume tanak naek, aku pon tak naek ah, HAHA.

2nd trip aku naek, then, dpt msg dr Saddam, ajak aku pegi TS, kes aku ckp aku nak gi TS, but tak jadi, aku refuse. TAPI, kalo die nak temankan aku balik UIA, Then aku agree.

Mule2 dy offer nak temankan aku balik sampai KL central, HELLO! that's not enough! HOH! then, aku tegaskan deal aku disaat battery phone aku low amat, then, dy pon deal, katenye "ces...OKAIP! haha"

then, aku sempat reply, "Siyes?" but then, phone aku kong. aku sampai je kat KL Central,aku trus pegi charge phone aku, dr kol 7 sampai kol 7.23, aku bru dpt msg dr dy, tanye aku, "ko kat ner?"

aku ckp la aku kat KL Central, "ko nak soh aku dtg ke tak neh?"

then, rase macam dicuah minyak petrol then dilempar kedalam burning house lepas dpt msg dy "aku sje jew la.."

ADESSH! harapan aku nak balik berteman , HANCUS! dgn selamber wal derk je aku reply "BODOH"

enough of that, let's continue the journey, aku dgn marah nye, aku pegi beli tiket lrt, then, tup tup, salah naek train, HAHA, sepatotnye ke arah universiry ah, aku pegi naek yg nak ke CM nye, HAHA, then aku pon turon lah kat CM, nek train satu lagi, haha, JGN WAT AKU MARAH! sume mende tak jadi!

sesampai je aku kat lrt univ, aku nek taxi, tringat plak crite budak yg kene offer ngan apek taxi bawak balik umah apek tuh, issh, meremang bulu rome aku, tapi, aku wat berani je la, kalo aku rase org tuh bawak aku ke jln lain, aku terjun je dr taxi tuh, HAHA

naseb baik pakcik Taxi tuh baik, fewwwwh!

sampai lah aku kat UIA tak berteman, see, i can do it!!! hoho! i survive! SCREW THEM ALL! errm... maybe it meant to only one person, the others, thanks for those thoughts, HOHO!

ni baru 1 TROUBLE, here comes next trouble, in the next POST! oohohohoho,




event nih, bru je belaku tadi, the exact 10 mins before i'm here jotting it down..

here's the story begin :

situation : outside the house, talking to my mom, whom about to go out somewhere, and asking me to bring her a glass of water, [so i did bring her that, nice huh?]

had me looking at the new painted wall, and said :-

me : i'd better be inside the house, so i won't see what's colour is on the outside, do you really wanna pick this colour?

mom : nope, i prefer the inside colour to be outside, but, it's okay.. in 10 years time, there would be a lot of wedding will be held, and after that time, we'll paint it differently..

me : a lot of wedding? whom's?

mom : yeah, in 10 years time, all my children will get married, the 10 years time is like, wedding years, soon, you, kakcik, Along will get married, and all the themes should be green, :D GREAT

me : me? married? in 10 years? na'ah, no way..

dad : you must get married la, takkan la nak duduk ngan abah je sampai tue..

me : nnt sape nak jage abah? hehe, biar lah nuyu duduk ngan abah, hehe, jage abah, okay? ;)


well, the last part is really not the main point, hehe, but i did say that, hoho

anyway, it got me thinking, 10 years time?

well, me too -- thinking that , i will get married in that period, somewhere in 5 years from now, weee..! the more i think, the more excited i'd be. hehe

well, let's shorten the years, 5 years time, by that time, i would be, like, 24-25, the ideal age for woman to get married, hehe

somehow, the most excited thing to think is that, in 5 years time, i will fall in love with someone, and the someone LOVES me very much, enough to marry me, and makes me the lawfully wedded wife, makes me the HALAL for him ,and wanna spend the rest of his life with me.. owwww, so sweeet~ :D

i just don't see the current guy i have ever known is the ones, it's like, i kinda feel like, i , soon will be meeting him, oh my future husband! where are you?

to be negatively thinking, i just can't trust men now, sorry, it's nice to imagine how it would be, to have someone to love you, care about you, n will marry you , but, it just that, i never had someone, who love me so much to make me feel like that,--- oh, that's why i said the guys that i know is not the one... i see.. :P

someone who loves me very much? it sound ridiculous! do that someone ever exist? I HOPE SO!


*sorry2, i need to repeat that to make sense, haha*

okay, now i'm blushing... ('_'~)


btw ... it's SOMEONE, not SAMEON!


nak blogging sal gapo eh? lately aku asyik berjiwe je.. KAHKAH, cam shial lawaknye,

ENOUGH JIWO2 NUYU AIN! haha! geli aku tgk ko! ko kan KUAT! YOU ARE A STRONG WOMAN! no man can bring you down! HOH!

[ceyhhh! ayat membina la konon? BOLEEEYHHH LAAA]

well, meh nak UPDATE crite2 yg aku lupe nak citer despite all those JIWO2 thingy dan dangling in my medulla oblongata...KAHKAH

1st Story Mory :


my 2nd bro, named, Ahmad Fakrul Radzy bin Mohd Norddin, is now engaged to a nice girl namely, Mafakhira. [unique name huh? trust me, it has ITS OWN meaning]

I've been friend with her, about a year, suggested by my bro, just to get closer to his girl, hehe, they've been dating, but, not so approved by my mom, but, NO WORRIES, i approved her RIGHT AWAY! she's so sweeeet, but not the kind of the one whom sweet-just-to-bodek-her-bf's-adek okay!

she's pure nice girl, i can see it in her personality, like what my brother's said, she's a lil bit like me, hehe, so..i'm a nice person, HEHE, we can conclude that, SHE IS TOO.. HAHA [boleh diterime? bollleeeeeyyy!]

The wedding will be held on 19th Dec, in Perak, at the Bride's hometown

hehe, dorunk nye trademark, Daisy, Kekwa, hehe, there's a story behind, hehe, interesting huh?

check out senirik lah the loving engaged couple in the link.. ;)

2nd Story Mory :


Of coz la! kalo dah org nak kawen, lebih2 lagi org yg 1st kawen dlm family member, sure nak gempak je, hehe, well, umah plak, cat, mcm dah rupe markas PAS dah, hehe, [tau tau aje la kaler pe] .. hurm.. and the best part.. :

Bilik aku ialah bilik pengatin!

hoho! jgn igt bilik aku yg bersepah cam haram tuh tak terpilih utk menjadi bilik pengantin! hoh! actually, my room is the ideal place to be the one and only legitimate bilik pengatin ever, it's very convenient since, my room, was a guest room before it became lawfully mine, hehe.

with it's unique design, flexible position of the tables, beds, or table lamp, [yeah, most of the rooms in the house got limited positions because of the coordinate of the windows, the bathroom, the door, ] [if you're about to be a interior designer, you know what it is,]

ermm... gambar? nnt2 lah, hehe, i will post it in the next post, whenever i feel like it, hehe!

dah la! malas nak bebel.. kes blog post ni makan mase gak nak complete, HAHA, tergendale schedule posting nye, HEHE

till then, meet ya later!


sape?? sape?? ADESSHH...


isk isk, sedeyh.. T____T ntah mane ntah kucing ni membawe diri.. last time aku tgk dy, kurus sgt, demam, selsema, saket, isk isk..Time tu, aku tak layan pon dy.. IM SO SORRY! IM AT FAULT!

Mane TyLung sekarang? sayyang? Where are you??

then, kalo ye lah dy dah mati...dy tak mati pon kat umah, aaa! lagi sedeyh, ntah kat mane2 tercampak bangkai dy, T___T

Tylung! I miss you! I'm so sorry for neglecting you.. i just dont mean it. Please... if you're out there somewhere.. please come back... [rase cam nak nynyi lagi yg spongebob nynyi kat Gary time Gary lari umah la plak..]

tapi, mak aku cakap, TyLung nih sure dah mati dah neh, mak aku tanye jiran2, tade sape pon ade nampak dy..

What ever it is.. May Allah be with you, REST IN PEACE


*eheccckk3!! Oppa Tongbang goyaaa!!*



it's 3.41 a.m in the morning! i got class at 9! hehe, it's okay, i'm gonna make this real quick! SNAP! SNAP! hahaha!

you remember how i tell you, how much an hajjah bakhil am i when it comes to my 200-going-on-300-movies-collection in my 1 TERA MAXTOR?

yeah! sure you do, you think im a kerek person, HAHA, hello! think all you want, i downloaded it all by myself, with my own efforts.. [no kidding]

anyway, im not here to brag on my movies or anything.. it is something that changing about me,

how much an ass of me about keeping my movies to only closed friends and families what-so-ever, the quote, "never copied my movies without my acknowledge and permission" bla bla blaa... i dont know... it's all go away when it comes to.. HIM

you know whom im talking about..

OH MY GOD! he gave me a bunch of DVDs and ask me to burn him a bunch of movies, HELLO! if it is someone else, i should ask MONEY from him/her! really, im serious! I once do bussiness about this burning-movies thingy, i earn more than RM100 from a person, really. [well, im not that cruel, that the best price i can give, hey! she were ordering a lot of movies from me, hoh!]

now... im breaking my own rule, my own quote, SHIT! what is it that he ever done to me? why am i being so kind to him? when [quotes munxey's] the person clearly got nothing to offer!

i feel so stupid, despite of that, i keep on doing it, well, i think i should finished the thing i started.


wow, just when you think my posts becoming normal again, this one might change your mind, hurm, now, all my post got the Apple stain, i need mr.Muscle to wipe it off. HAHA. Laugh la! =))




Hoi! dah lame tak update, almost a month... the truth is.. too much to tell, i can't even find words for it.. [alah, ckp je la malas, ngeng lah kamoo nih Nurul Ain!]

what's up with the title heh? PARACHUTE? am i gonna go sky diving or what? TEEEKKKKK! WRONG! it just the latest HALWA TLINGE yg di syor kan oleh manusie berjiwe classic, si mektok Assila Amalina.. ;)

The song suit my current mood, the "terbang-di-awan-kinda-style" of song... really made me go... la la la la~ together with the backup singer.. oh yeah, the important part is, the singer, He's SEAN LENNON,

yup! i know what you are thinking right now, he really is late John Lennon's son.. no wonder i get all excited about the Lennon guys, hehe

SEAN is a splitting image of his father, the 1st glace i got on him, i, right away got the idea of the lennon- the-beatles-son thingy.. HAHA.. a bit slow to catch on, but, i did argue with Assila weather she said the right name.. watever lah, HAHA

ape lagi... LAYAN ah!

Love is like an aero plane
You jump and then you pray
The lucky ones remain
In the clouds for days
If life is just a stage
Let's put on the best show
And let everyone know

Cause if I have to die tonight
I'd rather be with you
Cut the parachute before the dive
Baby don't you cry
You have to bring me down
We had some fun before we hit the ground

Love is like a hurricane
You know it's on the way
You think you can be brave
Underneath the waves
If life is just a dream
Which of us is dreaming
And who will wake up screaming

I dont know how they do it... how can they were so right? every single thing they jot down in the lyrics, are mostly right! i just dont get it, how can they are albe to convert a feeling -something that unseen, untouchable, cannot be full describe, into a perfect word?

i'm amazed. :)


hurm, bukan nak hujahkan sal judge2 yg arif lagi bijak sana di negara Malaysia tanah air ku nih, aku nak ulaskan, tentang, HOW PPL JUDGE US..

well, this is not a scientific fact column, or truth and fact or something like that-kind-of-blog-post, this is, as always, related to PERSONAL..

mesti korunk pelik kan ngan aku lately, blog spot aku sume2 dah berkarat2 dah, korunk mesti tak enjoy reading right? [errm..alah! berape kerat je yg reading]

well.. korunk kene lah phm, konsep and defini BLOG tu senirik... this is the FREEDOM-OF-SPEECH-ZONE

Ok, enough, Let's start

apekah perasaan anda, apabila kawan anda melabel kan anda sebagai "FRIENDS-ONLY" ?

well, bg aku lah, aku teraser offensive a lil bit, yeah, if we really are FRIENDS, there's no "ONLY" or anything in the next of the word, just FRIENDS alone

maybe korunk tak dapat tangkap lagi, situasi disini ialah, contohnya :

Si A [girl] and Si B [boy] are FRIENDS.

A pernah crush ngan si B, and seems like si B doesn't like it, so, si A setuju that they are FRIENDS, ONLY

but then, seems like, si A je yg kawan si B, but si B, just the one who LAYAN si A, hurm, hurt isn't it? why i say that so? well.. here's the hujah :-

1- Everyday, asyik2 si A je yg mule text ngan si B, well, obviously, si A mmg crush ngan si B tu, well, to know whether we are friends, or is it a crush or love or not, we have to get closer to the subject to determine right? but, si B never ever crossed his mind about her..as if, he never cares.

2- yg paling obvious, Si A neh, rajen la gak, calling2 si B, ye laah, nak borak2, well, si A neh , mmg suke calling2 org, ckp2, borak2, sharing.. hurm, [that what girls do what..] then, what about si B? NEVER

3- Si B neh, suke ckp lepaaas je, tak pikir dah ape perasaan si A, HELLO~ si A ni girl kot, mudah terase, but somehow, kalo si A saket hati setare mane pon, Si B, never nak MINTAK MAAF or, PUJOK, then, terpakselah, si A neh, pujok diri snirik, so that, their so-called FRIENDSHIP neh not ruins.. how tough is si A huh?

4- ok, this is the BEST part, Si A ni, PAHAM amat2 yg si B neh, tidak menyukai dirinya seperti mana dirinya suke pade si B, So si A redha je, jika dy just a friend to si B, at least, si A got a chance to befriend with him... BUT SOMEHOW, as always she reminds herself that she is just a friend to him, she clearly doesn't need, SOMEONE ELSE TO REMIND HER, HER STATUS WITH HIM, and espeacially, NOT FROM HIM..

put yourself, in si A's shoe, [doesn't matter if you a boy or a girl] , then, imagine, how would you feel, if the one who you befriend with, is making a line for you, a line that you will never crossed, or enter, just because, you're JUST a friend to him..?

FRIENDS don't create a line between, FRIENDS dont have to be LABELED, FRIENDS is what we gone through together, and NOT ON ONE SIDE ONLY.

what is it that you know about FRIENDS?


A song that dedicate to me.. how sweet.. :)

When I see your smile
Tears roll down my face I can't replace
And now that I'm strong I have figured out
How this world turns cold and it breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one

I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I can show you I'll be the one

I will never let you fall (let you fall)
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all (through it all)
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

Cuz you're my, you're my, my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away
Cuz I'm here for you
Please don't walk away and
Please tell me you'll stay woah, stay woah

Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be okay
Though my skies are turning gray

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven
[to fade]




by any chance you knew/know her, or have her address, or her contact number, leave me a msg, your number, and how to contact you, and i will hit you back, thank you


oh gosh! suddenly i miss her when looking at all the stuffs she gave to me, how sweet is she, and HOW SWEET AM I still keeping all those stuff? :D

well.. lost contact with her after she was send-out-of/quit the school, Maahad Muhammadi Lilbanat, [yeap, did i ever tell you i'm a maahadian? haha]

i don't know how she ever got out of school, a lot of story i've heard, a lot of crap of stories these people made, and guess what, i don't believe any of those stories, i believe in her, nonun mido yo [it's means "i believe in you" in korean]

well, she might did all those crap that these people are talking about, but, for me, in my eyes, she's just not that girl

she is AWFULLY GENEROUS to me, i always have faith in her, i am always the best to her, i miss her so much

well, i might not know her well enough, but i dont like that i know her from someone else's mouth, people talks, people lies, even though what they were saying are true, somehow, i just need to know it from her, i wont believe it till i see it with my own eyes,hear it with my own ears, from her own mouth.. GOT IT?

say what you want about her, but all i see, she's a sweet girl...she always be..

RAIHANAH, if you happend to read this somewhere, or maybe you were key-in your name in the google search engine, you stumble afront of this page, please, contact me, i miss you like hell, you are the long lost friend that i ever wanted to meet,




aku rase BBT season 3 episode 4 lah yg lawak gile di alam semeter!!

especially part when leanord ask Raj why indians cannot eat beef, sheldon was there too :

Leonard : Why don't hindus eat beef?
Raj : We believes Cows are Gods
Sheldon : [object] Not technically, in hinduism.. *bla bla bla bla* are LIKE God..
Raj : [pissed off] DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT MY OWN CULTURE, SHELDON! The mood im in, I'll take you out, I SWEAR TO COW!


hahahahhahaha, gile lawak berguling2 aku atas lantai, or dlm bhse internet nye..ROFL *in case you dont know, Rolling On Floor Laughing*

ok, that's it, hehe, keje korunk skunk, DOWNLOAD LAH BBT..



kawan2 mak aku dtg nak tgk baju2 viet yg , yeah, mak aku jual tu laa..
but then, salah sorg kawan mak aku neh, bwk baby a.k.a bayi beliau, hehe,

*it's ok, keep going*

then, mak aku ajak beliau2 yg terhormat neh, makan malam, si bayi yg gemok chubby cute tuh,telah di hand-kan kepade aku, so that mak si bayi leyh join makan malam bersame tanpe gangguan..

OK, i think i can handle this, so, aku pon dokong la budak tuh,
so far, okay je, kes dy tak nanges, hoho, i guess the kid likes me, heh :P

mak aku soh aku bwk budak tuh, duk bilik aku, bukak econ, kes budak tu panas la konon, or maybe nak tido, then, aku pon turot printah ah
then, keadaan ok je, BUT, disaat aku letak baby tu atas katel, aku nak pegi amek tisu, lap muke dy, dy nges, aku angkat, dokong balik, tepok3 pampers dy, hehe,

bwk dy jln2 dlm bilik aku jap,[eceh,bunyik cam bilik aku besar, haha] then, aku tgk game aku men tadi, tak menang2 lagi [CS, useless BOTS, aku tade je, tak menang2, haha], then, aku pangku adek tuh, aku habeskan jap....MIAHAHAHAHAH

then, budak tuh mcm teruje je tgk CS tuh, *BOOM!* aku bru teringat, CS tu VIOLENCE for kids, hahaha, mongok, then,aku tade idea, aku pon igtkan nak bukak katon kat budak tuh tgk2 tade vid, aku clear kan laptop neh aritu kes ayah aku nak pakai, yg ade, vid budak kene dera n vid ne-yo becoz of you, hahaha


haha, ape nak jadi ngan aku neh, aku wonder, cne lah time aku darjah 3 aritu, jage si yura tuh, hurrmm

aku kuarkan sume2 teddy bear aku, haha, kasik sume kat dy, soh dy senyap, haha, aku siap2 usap2 rambot dy, aku bru trigt lagi, gaye usap2 aku tadi tuh, mcm aku usap kucem, AYARRKK..

aku yakinkan diri aku, aku leyh handle mende neh, aku boleh jdi mak bile2 mase je, aku YAKEN !

then, aku sombong, tamo keluar bilik, untill mak dy snirik yg masok bilik amek dy senirik, but then, budak nih, mmg dah tak reti nak diam, nges je keje, IT'S UNCONTROLLABLE!

aku step down! SURRENDER!! aku kuar bilik, angkot baby tu in my arms, melangkah gagah menuju mak dy,

haha, ayah aku ckp aku tak reti jge budak, well, in my defence..:

1- budak tuh, tak knal aku, lagipon, muke aku yg berjerawat neh scary amat
2- budak tuh sejuk sgt, or uncomfortable ngan situasi bilik aku

3- hurm..maghrib..maybe budak tuh leyh nampak byk setan2 berkelimpangan dlm bilik aku neh, ish ish ish :(
4- or maybe, my father was right :(



well...it's been a loooooong time i hadn't hold a baby, hehe

nevermind, i'll get better my self when i get one, heeee :D

can't wait, heheh ;)


updates UpDaTeS UPDATES
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malas nye nak UPDATE :(


it's 4:48

yeah, actually i was done watching a movie, The Proposal, it's such a nice movie..
but somehow, i did ran to my room, well, i guess, i need to sleep, but, i just can't

all of sudden. i keep thinking, what am i doing all this time, i keep thinking about him.. OH! how FOOLISH am i!

there's something you should know about girls, how strong they are in your eyes, how high their egoes are, somehow n somewhere in their soul, is WEAKNESS

they are sensitve, emotional, and somehow..they are CLUMSY, yeah, that part goes to me, actually

i was lying on my bed just now, really not preparing to sleep, but, it got me thinking, how am i gonna stop thinking about this? this is too tiring, but somehow, everything i do, remind me of him..

that is just SUCKS!

well... i think i got myself busy enough, yeah, keep me busy, distract me with something else other than him...

so i go for shop, but still, he came across my mind even when i look at someone who wears the same clothe as him,

then, i spend hours, cleaning my dad's office, with all those papers, files and books, BUT STILL, i came across of him, when my bro tell me about his studies in Jordan, well,my bro really remind me of him, well, i dont know which part.. i can't tell myself [what am i thinking, really]

then, i really think this plan is gonna work, SLEEP.... wait up, im not finish....FOR HOURS! i even woke up at 2 p.m this morning,i mean, EVENING [haha, yeah, i'm THAT kinda girl] , BUT SOMEHOW, THAT LIL MEAN CREATURE manage to get into my dreams!

trust me, this is for real, how am i gonna run away from this?? i even dreamt of him at night.. well, mostly he is just a cellphone in my dream [well, i kinda had too much texting, and somehow i manage to dream of him calling me, as it's so real, haha]

what is this about? what is this on my mind?? i can't really tell what is it? CAN YOU?

something just popped in my mind just now as i land my back on that soft bed..


yeah, that's always the answer..well, i manage to handle it very well last time, [yeah, that RUDY guy] and i'm so proud of it, coz now, i'm sure, it was just a CRUSH

but now, i'm not so sure what it is, coz you see, i never had such joy when i am with someone.. to tell u the truth,this is the 1st time,

i even step out from my comfort zone, ready to try something new, with him.. it's quite fun, and i loved it.. he explore me, well, not much, but he kinda lead me to it.. i explore the real me inside, when i am with him, i'll be more, open, i do something i never did , he is such evil! haha, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME? hahaha

i dont even know if this feeling was right, but i SWEAR to you, every single thing i type here, i can feel the burnt in my heart, i can feel it in my chest, i think it's flaming wild fire in there, GREAT, now i have to call the firemen, hehe, kid2

last but not least, HELP ME FIND SOMEONE NEW TO CRUSH ON, coz i swear to god, this man is like a leech on my heart, really hard to get it off,

hurrm... honestly, there's some lil thing inside me, that really wanted me to let him go, but some part of me, WONT LET HIM GO, i kinda like the feeling of liking him , really

normal, isn't it?



I can't melt you down huh? your melting point is too high ,huh?

what you're trying to say is that ; no matter how hard i try, i can never get your heart huh?

well... if i can't MELT you down, let see if i can FIRE you UP,

i BET you'll be FLAMING HOT, and burnt yourself up, or maybe, burn into ashes..





I admit it, it is too OBVIOUS that i've been trying too hard to make he SEES me, to make he LIKES me, LIKES my STYLE, LIKES me the way I AM, but.. ALL OF SUDDEN, i dont really realize, that, i've been trying to hard to be SOMEONE else, SOMEONE he probably LIKES, someone that is not..ME

Maybe i should take a break..


this thing, is SO TIRING, i'm trying too hard to get his attention, all of sudden, HE NEVER GETS IT, he just dont get it, HE'S TOO INNOCENT, EMPTY, BLURR, or should i say, DUMB?



just let me breathe for just one moment, let me catch my air, let me just think what the best for me for just ONE MOMENT..



ntah kenape and ntah hape yg aku bebel2 kan dgn assila anak haji che mazlan tuh, sampai aku mencoret2 kan segale imaginasi aku tentang FUTURE life aku,

well, mostly, overall, we did talked about LOVE and MARRIAGE , [we are girls, that's so normal!].. well also note that, the current guy we fall in love with [mine is Mr.Apple] doesnt really THERE, in our future imagination.. hurmm...

honestly speaking, i dont really see me marrying mr.Apple, well, i could wonder, IF i marry him, but, when i think about it, NO, but, who knows eh? so there's no HIM in my imagination..

haha, weird eh?

anyway,let's the NUYU in the Wonderland start!

haha, just because Assila n me says that, kitorang tak nampak sgt future kitorang, yg kitorang neh, kawen, ade anak, bla2, stakat neh, kitorang just nampak, KERJA..

hoho! aku, ARCHITECT , perrghh.. time tuh [time kat sini merujuk kepade future aku,] aku SLIM, haha, badan cun gilaa, pegi keje pon, perghh, pakai suit, n bergaye sakan! hoho!, *meleleh2 air lior imagine*

aku imagine, aku tinggi sket, [hey! it's my brain, i can think watever i like, korunk, just tadah mate je la..haha] KAHKAHKAHKAH, [nampak sgt aku neh pendek, haha] or maybe, tinggi kes bantuan kasot tumit tinggi, but, aku salu pegi ke site, narat nak pegi sane pakai heels, hurrm, then, aku rase, aku hitam dah sket, a lil bit tanned, kes, da slalu sgt berjemor, haha, part paling best..

aku ckp kat assila, aku time tuh, dah bertunang, and guess who is my tunang? haha, HE'S MY BOSS, or partner besar dlm syarikat, or kawan sepejabat, yg ade pangkat tggi gak, haha, [kene tempias crita2 melayu, haha] well, aku imagine, dy sorang yg tinggi, pakai suit pegi keje, briefcase, pakai spek, puteh2, rambot belah 2, hoho! ntah sape ntah..

then, bile lunch, kitorang pegi makan same2, kadang2, aku bawak bekal, mkn dlm office, berdue2an, kihkihkih, then talks NOTHING ABOUT WORK, it's forbidden when we spent time together, haha..

kami berdue matured, hehe, and bersikap professional, hehe, time meeting, kami serius, KAHKAHKAH , tade nak men kenyit2 mate neh, haha, but, kalo idea dy bercanggah ngan aku, aku bantah, tanpe segan silu, hoh! I DONT CARE, haha [CEYYWAAHH, DIRECTOR! come on! HIRE me!]

ish, then, lepas habes keje, dy anta i balik umah u know, hehe, kami nak kawen bile umah idaman kami siap, kahkahkah, MELAMPAU! haha

CUKOP2, ntah sape ntah yg aku byg neh, aku dlm imaginasi aku tuh pon, dah takde rupe aku dah, ish ish ish, trok btol la budak NUYU neh, haha

sekian, kini aku mahu melabuhkan tirai theater ku ini, hehe

terima kaseh kerane sudi melayan karenah si anak kecil ini, kihkih




kahkahkah, itu lah kami, CUTE KAN?

[sorry anip, aku lupe nak wat satu post khas utk ko, adekah post ini terlambat?]

*ini anip, dan anak beliau, kahkahkahkah*

Name : ANIP
Age : 18 [huh? say nothing]

apekah anip?

anip ialah seorg jejake yg :
  • always be there when i need a shoulder to cry on [not literally a shoulder]
  • always be a good ear to hear all my nonsense, [bout guys...love..blablabla]
  • always be a good friend to give me all the great advices
  • always takes me up when i'm down faaarrrr below

bile kah aku kenal si anip ini, and bagaimana..?

[eceh, mcm interview la plak]

well, lepas exam SPM, aku n ash chatting2, and decide nak check jawapan for EST objective paper, then, dy nak heret sorg kawan dy [anip] to discuss lah, hurm, mule2 aku igtkan anip ni pompuan, [hahaha, ntah nape aku pikir cantu] [well, kes aku ade kwn name aniq, alah, same je la kan, haha]

then, kami jadi kamcing kes si ash ni pegi PLKN, cet.. anip ni, kire, tempat aku mengadu dikale ash tiade disisi ku, kahkah

then, one things lead to the other, kami jdi, bestbuds..

crite kami complicated.. ade suatu saat tuh, tgh aku yg kepale agak tak btol, and dy tgh hot2 in love, kami same2 gile to each other, haha.. LAWAK SIAL :))

then, we settle down sudah, everything back to normal, he even got himself a girlfriend, haha, aku ni, POMPUAN SIMPANAN dy je... well, I'M GLAD,you know! haha

haha, kami make a pack, more like a contract, that says :

when im 30, and not yet married, he will marry me [kene tempias citer FRIENDS la neh]
even kalo dy dah kawen, dy kene kawen ngan aku, as his second wife, MIAHAHAHA
BUT, kalo aku dah kawen, dy takleyh la nak kawen ngan aku, even if he's still single when he's 29/30 ..haha [tak fair langsong.. haha, alah, judgement calls!]

*P/S: in case you guys misunderstands whatsoever, anip is not Mr.Apple, WEIRD eh?*



penat aaah!! penat!! ko da tau, aku tak suke layan manusia yg seriously randomly tembak menembak number neh, bile aku tak layan, berduyun2 ko msg aku... kalo dah dekat berpuloh2 msg ko anta tu, aku tak layan, phm2 senirik je lah, DESPERATE sgt kah? well, aku tak seDESPERATE anda, I GOT LIFE

aku smlm, ikhlas setulus hati aku, mintak maaf kat ko, and, dgn berani lagi agak kurang aja aku ckp, "aku tak penah ikhlas kawan ngan ko, selame neh, segale ape yg aku penah ckp kat ko, tipu belake, tade yg betolnye, kes aku tak percayekan kwn yg random2, tembak2, thru sms...so, better not contact me again, im so sorry" [something like that]

then, i thought, i was free, i told you everything, now it is just up to you, to forgive me or not, BUT, instead, you keep sending me all msges i ever sent to you, OH MY GOODNESS! ISN'T THAT JUST ANNOYING?



dedicated to Mr.Apple

[yup, im still not done with him..]

I Feel like I’m going out of
My mind,

Boy the way you do me is a
damn crime,

But then you smile at me
and its all right,

With you there aint nothin' in between,

Every time that I walk out the door,
Tell myself I can't take it no more,

There’s a part of me won't let you go
Keep saying yes when my minds saying no

Me and my heart we got issues,
Don’t know if I should hate you or miss you,
Damn, I wish that I could resist you,
Can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you.
Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues.
We got issues, issues, issues.

Its so wrong, boy you leave me hangin' for so long,
You empty out my love until its all gone,
You change the words but still it's the same song,
I’m tired of the melody.

Change my number and throw out your clothes,
But my feelings for you, it still shows,
I keep building the walls round my heart,
But then I see you, and it all falls apart...

Why fight it, cant hide it
Truth is I think I like it,
Confusion, illusions
Still I don’t know which way to go….





nonton FRIENDS lagi, randomly pick up an episode from season 8, when Joey thinks he falls in love with Rachel, when he tried to tell Chandler and Monica, they both wrongly guess that the FRIEND that Joey falls in love is Pheobe, so Monica talks to Pheobe, what Pheobe said is, [what interest me the most to jot down here is...]

Monica : It's Joey
Pheobe : Really? Joey? [bla bla bla...]
On the one hand, "MOTHER! MAY I?!" but... you know, on the other hand.. "NO!".. No, I can't, we're friends, NO! OH NO! I DONT WANNA RISK WHAT WE HAVE..

that's what i think, i dont wanna risk what we have, i try hard to reconcile with him, i dont wanna risk anything towards it, i keep telling myself :







tak mudah untuk kita hadapi
perbedaan yang berarti
tak mudah untuk kita lewati
rintangan silih berganti

kau masih berdiri
kita masih di sini
tunjukkan pada dunia
arti sahabat

kau teman sehati
kita teman sejati
hadapilah dunia
genggam tanganku

tak mudah untuk kita sadari
saling mendengarkan hati
tak mudah untuk kita pahami
berbagi rasa di hati

kau adalah..
tempatku membagi kisahku
kau sempurna
jadi bagian hidupku
apapun kekuranganmu


well... to my beloved friend Asiah.. LISTEN

whatever happens, dont let go of my hand [pick up lines, kihkih]
belaja leklok, remember, it is what you always wanted, once you got it, dont ever waste it over..
it's not about friendship, it's not about love, but it's about your future..
i will surely pray for you success, what's a friends want for her friend other than her success?
remember me always,make sure we keep in touch..
internet connects us easy, as much as we started this meaningful n beautiful friendship..ryte?
so, Facebooking is a must! (whenever you're free la, dont go online all the time! u need to study meh!)
dont wanna go jiwang on you, kihkih... :P

i dont know if you knew this already, but, i wanna say it once again..that..


(with all of my heart)


aku suke lagu neh, well...mase aku mule2 dgr lagu neh, hurm..about 3 months ago, aku trus berkenan n tangkap meaning dy, mmg ngam gile dgn jiwe aku time tuh.. [kahkahkah]

LOVE comes around, always, and always jugak la... IT KNOCKS ME DOWN, but, aku still... get back up... and it knocks me down.. over and over again..

jahat tol lah love neh, ish ish, suke suki je nak belasah org bile2 mase, tak cukop ngan tuh, bile da org tu begolek jatoh, nak bgun, dy belasah lagih, ish ish, nih da kire kes dera neh, nak call Children's Aid laa! isk isk! [merepek2]

sile lah, dgrkan dendangan lagu yg bakalku dendang kan ini..

*ehem2* *clear throat*

*btol2 kan mic jap*

*tarek napas*


Keri Hilson - Knocks You Down

*Heh, not again
Ohh, this ain't supposed to happen to me*

Keep rockin', and keep knockin'
Whether you Louis Vuitton it up or Reebokin'
You see the hate, that they're servin' on a platter
So what we gon' have, dessert or disaster?

I never thought I'd be in love like this
When I look at you my mind goes on a trip
Then you came in, and knocked me on my face
Feels like in I'm a race
But I already won first place

I never thought I'd fall for you as hard as I did
(As hard as I did, yeah)
You got me thinkin' bout our life our house and kids, yeah
Every mornin' I look at you and smile
'Cause boy you came around and you knocked me down
Knocked me down

Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)
Sometimes love comes around
(Love comes around)
And it knocks you down
Just get back up
When it knocks you down
(Knocks you down)

I never thought I'd, hear myself say, ooh, ya'll gon' head
I think I'm gonna kick it wit my girl today, kick it wit my girl today
I used to be commander and chief
Of my pimp ship flyin' high, (flyin' high)
Til I met this pretty little missile that shot me out the sky
(Oh shot me out the sky)

Hate to know I'm crashing, don't know how it happened
But I know it feels so damn good
Said if I could back, and make it happen faster
Don't you know I would baby if I could
Miss Independent, ohh, to the fullest, the load never too much
She helpin' me pull it
She shot the bullet that ended that life
I swear to you the pimp in me just died tonight


*Tell me now can you make it past your Caspers
So we can finally fly off into NASA
You was always the cheerleader of my dreams that
Seem to only date the head of football teams
And I was the class clown that, always kept you laughin'

We, were never meant to be baby we just happen
So please, don't mess up the trick, hey young world I'm the new slick rick
They say I move too quick, but we can't let the moment pass us
Let the hourglass pass right into ashes
Let the wind blow the ash right before my glasses
So I wrote this love letter right before my classes
How could a goddess ask, someone that's only average
For advice, OMG, you listen to that bitch?
Whoa, it's me, baby this is tragic
'Cause we had it, we was magic

I was flyin', now I'm crashin'
This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson
Now I'm mad, real mad, Joe Jackson
You should leave your boyfriend now, I'mma ask him*

Say you gotta put the good with the bad, happy and the sad
So will u bring a better future than I had in the past
Oh Cause, I don't wanna make the same mistakes I did
I don't wanna fall back on my face again
Whoa, whoa, I'll admit it, I was scared to answer love's call
Whoa, whoa, and if it hits better make it worth the fall
(When it comes around)


Won't see it coming when it happens,
But when it happens you're gonna feel it, let me tell you now
See when love comes, it knocks you down


so, nak pesan, when loves come, it will knocks you down lah, kahkahkah.. you gonna feel it, dgr la sekali sekale kate2 Keri Hilson neh, btol dah dy ckp tuh, hoho...



You'll be the PRINCE

and I'll be the PRINCESS..

i meant it..