Selamat Pengantin Baru

*pengantin baru kene berjemor tgh panas, haha, payong macam unfunctioning la plak*

*a very nice shot! congrates!*

*mak aku yg pakai spek itam vogue tuh, haha, ni berjalan mengikot ketinggian ke? hahaha :D *

(photos credited to Hasifah Videl Kuchiki )

hoho, byk lagi gambr, ni pon aku curik dr kawan abg aku, tapi, ni just nak mengenalkan kakak ipar ku, Kak Mafakhira.

bestnye kawen ;)


and.. this is my entry :

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remember the time when i said i had a collection of notebooks that i bought just because of they're fancied and cute and cool, and i never wrote anything in there?

yeah, i ADORE those notebooks, but guess what, YURA took them and make them her own, AREN'T you PISSED OFF if you're me?

ok ok, say what you wanna say :

"come on, she's a kid, you don't wanna pick a fight with a kid,are you?"

"she's your sister, be nice"

all i heard is blah blah blah blah...!

i guess i can let her go with those notebooks that she drew all over the pages, i won't be taking them back, cause, they are like, hideous now, arrghhh..!

BUT! i saw her pasting my Johnny Depp's collection pictures inside the book, which make me more mad because i've been keeping those pictures for such a loooong time since i was 14! ARRRGGHH!

HELLO! it's JOHNNY DEPP we're talking about!

OH MY! why do i have such an annoying sister,eh?

yeah, you got that right, i said, SISTER.

why she have to bother all of my stuff? it's okay if those thing just lost somewhere else, or some place called The Lost Land or whatever, but it's not okay if SHE took it..

GREAT, now i sounded like a big sister who cry over the stuff that her lil sister took, SHIT! SCREW YOU! SCREW THEM ALL!


**don't get me wrong, i won't go and mess around with the kid's head, or punch her in the face or kick her in the ass, NO, i just, tired of those, HAHA, it's old skool, i just play nice with her, but make her suffer! MIAHAHAHAHA, again, NO, i just let it go, she's a kid, there's not much to do about, i got many things to take care of instead of her.. HAHA..

*** see, im not that evil ;)



ehem2, marilah kita mulakan dgn bacaan Al-Fatihah, *bace lah, jgn tak bace plak*

panjang cerita nye, tapi kite pendekkan je lah, hehe, tapi aku sure takkan jadi pendek punye lah, HOHO.

dimulakan dgn, aku n mira rancang nak kuar sesame jumaat pagi 11th Dec, which is the day that we're going back home, mira will be boarding her bus at Putra, and mine will be at the CFSIIUM, yeah, aku beli tiket GATE, malas aku nak travel pegi putra angkot barang2, penat lah..

the plan is that, mira and i will go out together somewhere, mira wanted to buy a sweater to wear that night, she knew that she can't handle the cold in the bus, and, i supposely need to accompany her to the Putra station, and soon, i will be going back to the CFS alone, -- kinda sad though, but, it just a plan, things might change.

so, having the thought of going back alone, travelling in the public transport that -- i dont usually get used to,-- is a real challenging for me, so, i called amir, my x-secondary school mate, who live in Jalan Kuching which is closed to the Putra station, see if he can help me with anything, so that i wont go back alone, it's sounds scary you know.

then, after all the chat, seems like he can't help me with anything -- actually he can, A BIG YES he gave me if only he got the chance to use the car on that day, sadly, his sister need to use it, :( hehe, sounded really cool if he came and fetch us with his car though, hehe. BTW Amir, thanks for the thoughts!

next, i "try and error" Munzir, my big "bro".

well, student life, he can't accompany me, *sigh*, but he did give me a lot of toughts to make it happens, but, it just don't. not in any way. Thanks to you too Munzir! you try your best though.

next, my thought came across Ajim, my last-sem-Arabic-class-mate, but i dont have his number, so i contacted his friend, which is also a friend of mine, Saddam.

Oh , too bad, Ajim was with Saddam at Saddam's bro's house, hurm, THEN the plan kinda have to stick to where "i must go back alone" , so sad :(

a big adventure's coming! it's the day! waking up at noon, [hehe, bagos tol anak dare neh] then, get moving at 2 pm. got a text from Saddam, seems like Ajim is present in CFS by noon, too bad, they have to go to the Jumaat prayer, Aaaah! screw them, i can survive! -- i think..

then, the journey soon begin, we travel by bus to KL central, and the bus is sooo SUCKS!

*ehem3* setibe nye kami di KL central, aku n mira rancang nak gi TS, so we wanna put the luggages in the thingy, alaa, yg letak brg tuh, hehe, but then, we cancel our "trip" to the TS because we're running out of time, sape suroh bgun kol doplas? HOH!

bajet2, lepas anta mira kat Putra, trus nak balik uia, dlm kol 6, tanak la lewat2, i don't want to travel back, ALONE, in the night, NO WAAY!

tup2, sampai kat Putra pon dah kol 6, nak teman mira beli sweater lagi, bla bla bla, then, dan dan plak, time tuh, jumpe kawan chat mira, mikail, borak2, ajak dy pegi The Mall jap, bla bla bla, tup tup! dah dekat kol 7, aaa, kalot nye aku nak nek KTM seko2...sampai terlepas 1st trip, kes aku tgk sume tanak naek, aku pon tak naek ah, HAHA.

2nd trip aku naek, then, dpt msg dr Saddam, ajak aku pegi TS, kes aku ckp aku nak gi TS, but tak jadi, aku refuse. TAPI, kalo die nak temankan aku balik UIA, Then aku agree.

Mule2 dy offer nak temankan aku balik sampai KL central, HELLO! that's not enough! HOH! then, aku tegaskan deal aku disaat battery phone aku low amat, then, dy pon deal, katenye "ces...OKAIP! haha"

then, aku sempat reply, "Siyes?" but then, phone aku kong. aku sampai je kat KL Central,aku trus pegi charge phone aku, dr kol 7 sampai kol 7.23, aku bru dpt msg dr dy, tanye aku, "ko kat ner?"

aku ckp la aku kat KL Central, "ko nak soh aku dtg ke tak neh?"

then, rase macam dicuah minyak petrol then dilempar kedalam burning house lepas dpt msg dy "aku sje jew la.."

ADESSH! harapan aku nak balik berteman , HANCUS! dgn selamber wal derk je aku reply "BODOH"

enough of that, let's continue the journey, aku dgn marah nye, aku pegi beli tiket lrt, then, tup tup, salah naek train, HAHA, sepatotnye ke arah universiry ah, aku pegi naek yg nak ke CM nye, HAHA, then aku pon turon lah kat CM, nek train satu lagi, haha, JGN WAT AKU MARAH! sume mende tak jadi!

sesampai je aku kat lrt univ, aku nek taxi, tringat plak crite budak yg kene offer ngan apek taxi bawak balik umah apek tuh, issh, meremang bulu rome aku, tapi, aku wat berani je la, kalo aku rase org tuh bawak aku ke jln lain, aku terjun je dr taxi tuh, HAHA

naseb baik pakcik Taxi tuh baik, fewwwwh!

sampai lah aku kat UIA tak berteman, see, i can do it!!! hoho! i survive! SCREW THEM ALL! errm... maybe it meant to only one person, the others, thanks for those thoughts, HOHO!

ni baru 1 TROUBLE, here comes next trouble, in the next POST! oohohohoho,




event nih, bru je belaku tadi, the exact 10 mins before i'm here jotting it down..

here's the story begin :

situation : outside the house, talking to my mom, whom about to go out somewhere, and asking me to bring her a glass of water, [so i did bring her that, nice huh?]

had me looking at the new painted wall, and said :-

me : i'd better be inside the house, so i won't see what's colour is on the outside, do you really wanna pick this colour?

mom : nope, i prefer the inside colour to be outside, but, it's okay.. in 10 years time, there would be a lot of wedding will be held, and after that time, we'll paint it differently..

me : a lot of wedding? whom's?

mom : yeah, in 10 years time, all my children will get married, the 10 years time is like, wedding years, soon, you, kakcik, Along will get married, and all the themes should be green, :D GREAT

me : me? married? in 10 years? na'ah, no way..

dad : you must get married la, takkan la nak duduk ngan abah je sampai tue..

me : nnt sape nak jage abah? hehe, biar lah nuyu duduk ngan abah, hehe, jage abah, okay? ;)


well, the last part is really not the main point, hehe, but i did say that, hoho

anyway, it got me thinking, 10 years time?

well, me too -- thinking that , i will get married in that period, somewhere in 5 years from now, weee..! the more i think, the more excited i'd be. hehe

well, let's shorten the years, 5 years time, by that time, i would be, like, 24-25, the ideal age for woman to get married, hehe

somehow, the most excited thing to think is that, in 5 years time, i will fall in love with someone, and the someone LOVES me very much, enough to marry me, and makes me the lawfully wedded wife, makes me the HALAL for him ,and wanna spend the rest of his life with me.. owwww, so sweeet~ :D

i just don't see the current guy i have ever known is the ones, it's like, i kinda feel like, i , soon will be meeting him, oh my future husband! where are you?

to be negatively thinking, i just can't trust men now, sorry, it's nice to imagine how it would be, to have someone to love you, care about you, n will marry you , but, it just that, i never had someone, who love me so much to make me feel like that,--- oh, that's why i said the guys that i know is not the one... i see.. :P

someone who loves me very much? it sound ridiculous! do that someone ever exist? I HOPE SO!


*sorry2, i need to repeat that to make sense, haha*

okay, now i'm blushing... ('_'~)


btw ... it's SOMEONE, not SAMEON!


nak blogging sal gapo eh? lately aku asyik berjiwe je.. KAHKAH, cam shial lawaknye,

ENOUGH JIWO2 NUYU AIN! haha! geli aku tgk ko! ko kan KUAT! YOU ARE A STRONG WOMAN! no man can bring you down! HOH!

[ceyhhh! ayat membina la konon? BOLEEEYHHH LAAA]

well, meh nak UPDATE crite2 yg aku lupe nak citer despite all those JIWO2 thingy dan dangling in my medulla oblongata...KAHKAH

1st Story Mory :


my 2nd bro, named, Ahmad Fakrul Radzy bin Mohd Norddin, is now engaged to a nice girl namely, Mafakhira. [unique name huh? trust me, it has ITS OWN meaning]

I've been friend with her, about a year, suggested by my bro, just to get closer to his girl, hehe, they've been dating, but, not so approved by my mom, but, NO WORRIES, i approved her RIGHT AWAY! she's so sweeeet, but not the kind of the one whom sweet-just-to-bodek-her-bf's-adek okay!

she's pure nice girl, i can see it in her personality, like what my brother's said, she's a lil bit like me, hehe, so..i'm a nice person, HEHE, we can conclude that, SHE IS TOO.. HAHA [boleh diterime? bollleeeeeyyy!]

The wedding will be held on 19th Dec, in Perak, at the Bride's hometown

hehe, dorunk nye trademark, Daisy, Kekwa, hehe, there's a story behind, hehe, interesting huh?

check out senirik lah the loving engaged couple in the link.. ;)

2nd Story Mory :


Of coz la! kalo dah org nak kawen, lebih2 lagi org yg 1st kawen dlm family member, sure nak gempak je, hehe, well, umah plak, cat, mcm dah rupe markas PAS dah, hehe, [tau tau aje la kaler pe] .. hurm.. and the best part.. :

Bilik aku ialah bilik pengatin!

hoho! jgn igt bilik aku yg bersepah cam haram tuh tak terpilih utk menjadi bilik pengantin! hoh! actually, my room is the ideal place to be the one and only legitimate bilik pengatin ever, it's very convenient since, my room, was a guest room before it became lawfully mine, hehe.

with it's unique design, flexible position of the tables, beds, or table lamp, [yeah, most of the rooms in the house got limited positions because of the coordinate of the windows, the bathroom, the door, ] [if you're about to be a interior designer, you know what it is,]

ermm... gambar? nnt2 lah, hehe, i will post it in the next post, whenever i feel like it, hehe!

dah la! malas nak bebel.. kes blog post ni makan mase gak nak complete, HAHA, tergendale schedule posting nye, HEHE

till then, meet ya later!


sape?? sape?? ADESSHH...


isk isk, sedeyh.. T____T ntah mane ntah kucing ni membawe diri.. last time aku tgk dy, kurus sgt, demam, selsema, saket, isk isk..Time tu, aku tak layan pon dy.. IM SO SORRY! IM AT FAULT!

Mane TyLung sekarang? sayyang? Where are you??

then, kalo ye lah dy dah mati...dy tak mati pon kat umah, aaa! lagi sedeyh, ntah kat mane2 tercampak bangkai dy, T___T

Tylung! I miss you! I'm so sorry for neglecting you.. i just dont mean it. Please... if you're out there somewhere.. please come back... [rase cam nak nynyi lagi yg spongebob nynyi kat Gary time Gary lari umah la plak..]

tapi, mak aku cakap, TyLung nih sure dah mati dah neh, mak aku tanye jiran2, tade sape pon ade nampak dy..

What ever it is.. May Allah be with you, REST IN PEACE


*eheccckk3!! Oppa Tongbang goyaaa!!*



it's 3.41 a.m in the morning! i got class at 9! hehe, it's okay, i'm gonna make this real quick! SNAP! SNAP! hahaha!

you remember how i tell you, how much an hajjah bakhil am i when it comes to my 200-going-on-300-movies-collection in my 1 TERA MAXTOR?

yeah! sure you do, you think im a kerek person, HAHA, hello! think all you want, i downloaded it all by myself, with my own efforts.. [no kidding]

anyway, im not here to brag on my movies or anything.. it is something that changing about me,

how much an ass of me about keeping my movies to only closed friends and families what-so-ever, the quote, "never copied my movies without my acknowledge and permission" bla bla blaa... i dont know... it's all go away when it comes to.. HIM

you know whom im talking about..

OH MY GOD! he gave me a bunch of DVDs and ask me to burn him a bunch of movies, HELLO! if it is someone else, i should ask MONEY from him/her! really, im serious! I once do bussiness about this burning-movies thingy, i earn more than RM100 from a person, really. [well, im not that cruel, that the best price i can give, hey! she were ordering a lot of movies from me, hoh!]

now... im breaking my own rule, my own quote, SHIT! what is it that he ever done to me? why am i being so kind to him? when [quotes munxey's] the person clearly got nothing to offer!

i feel so stupid, despite of that, i keep on doing it, well, i think i should finished the thing i started.


wow, just when you think my posts becoming normal again, this one might change your mind, hurm, now, all my post got the Apple stain, i need mr.Muscle to wipe it off. HAHA. Laugh la! =))




Hoi! dah lame tak update, almost a month... the truth is.. too much to tell, i can't even find words for it.. [alah, ckp je la malas, ngeng lah kamoo nih Nurul Ain!]

what's up with the title heh? PARACHUTE? am i gonna go sky diving or what? TEEEKKKKK! WRONG! it just the latest HALWA TLINGE yg di syor kan oleh manusie berjiwe classic, si mektok Assila Amalina.. ;)

The song suit my current mood, the "terbang-di-awan-kinda-style" of song... really made me go... la la la la~ together with the backup singer.. oh yeah, the important part is, the singer, He's SEAN LENNON,

yup! i know what you are thinking right now, he really is late John Lennon's son.. no wonder i get all excited about the Lennon guys, hehe

SEAN is a splitting image of his father, the 1st glace i got on him, i, right away got the idea of the lennon- the-beatles-son thingy.. HAHA.. a bit slow to catch on, but, i did argue with Assila weather she said the right name.. watever lah, HAHA

ape lagi... LAYAN ah!

Love is like an aero plane
You jump and then you pray
The lucky ones remain
In the clouds for days
If life is just a stage
Let's put on the best show
And let everyone know

Cause if I have to die tonight
I'd rather be with you
Cut the parachute before the dive
Baby don't you cry
You have to bring me down
We had some fun before we hit the ground

Love is like a hurricane
You know it's on the way
You think you can be brave
Underneath the waves
If life is just a dream
Which of us is dreaming
And who will wake up screaming

I dont know how they do it... how can they were so right? every single thing they jot down in the lyrics, are mostly right! i just dont get it, how can they are albe to convert a feeling -something that unseen, untouchable, cannot be full describe, into a perfect word?

i'm amazed. :)