Tengah malam buta, aku menggila ngan Farah, gi naek tingkat 5 jap, nak gi lepak kat bilik 510. Haha, kebetulan sebelum tuh, baru je nailed dance Without You - 2PM (errkk...kantoi plak aku layan 2PM sekarang) then, gi bilik dorang, duk wat performance plak ngan 510 nye dak jadi peminat setia. KAHKAH. Tapi, ni bukan moment where I feel like an artist yet, nooo.... huhu

Tak pasal-pasal, nak balik bilik, sempat dance depan lift-lobby tingkat 5 uh, ye lah, dah space besau bapak, tengah malam plak tuh, ape lagi kan, beyond my free will, aku dance Without You ngan Farah. KahKah. Tak perasan ade sorang budak lalu dr wing C nak ke wing B, lalu lobby. Beliau stop jap, tgk kitorang, HAHA. Bile kitorang dah habis, beliau gelak-gelak and then blah. HAHA.

Expression beliau mcm akak yang nampak Gain and Jokwon kat tepi jalan dalam We Got Married tuh. KAHKAH. Wah! Tetibe rase cam nak jemput budak tuh datang bilik, nak tunjuk dance kitorang practice since like forever. HAHA.

Memang tade keje =,="


Ahhh.. this feels good. Waking up after 5 hours of sleeping, walking along the smell of fresh cut grass arousing... 'Today is kinda nice' I thought, even though I've been bending over backwards just to finish my A1 poster project with no sleep nearly the whole day. Today was nice until I walked through Architecture Department Office door.

I greet with smile stamp on my face, I got no regrets of walking so proudly inside the office to pickup my CSS until one word could smash all that for me. Thanks to Bro Hisyam who timidly greeting me with such a polite manner coz he thought that I was a LECTURER.

Okay! Enough! I've had enough of this since the first day of my time in CFSIIUM. The very seconds I breath air in this very place, someone poke me slightly at the back, and when I turned around, there was a girl. She looks nice, until the word "MADAM" spreading that lil mouth of hers. SHIT! She's too thought that I was a Lecturer.

Plus, not only once I got called as a lecturer today, but twice. Like buy 1 free 1, but as in something you don't like, err, Petai or punishment. Pfft.

I left Farah's thumb-drive in Computer Lab on the 3rd floor of Annex building. (With such heavy weight? Twice? I say I'd be stepping on that stairs, crawling as well as gasping for air to stay alive)
When I reach the top (Don't stop, can't stop, KAHKAH), there's a few one-year younger guys hanging around the location. I thought, what the heck, I just need to get the thumb-drive back, that's all.

So I walked in, go straight to those guys whose crowding the very one PC where I left the thumb-drive, in the dark *uuuu, scary* HAHA. And then, that's when the things happen. When one of the guys ask me, if I was a lecturer. SHIT! HELL NO! So I stormed out. *Ok, not storming out, coz that would be childish, pfff, come on, get your head out of your butt, Lily*

Great, I've become a lecturer without even trying to get even a degree. pfft. And of course, I skipped like 10 years of age without even living that long. I don't like skipping age as much as I love skipping class. That's 2 different things. I want to breathe as much as I could in the age I'm in now, coz time waits for no man. HAHA.

What is it about me that soooo much lecturer-appealing ? I shouldn't be asking the question when I already knew the answer. *sigh* It's my body isn't it?  It somehow looks like a pregnant person or maybe a mom of 5 children. I wonder who's the father? 6ho? Great then!

No wonder I got the lecturer title. *sigh*

I'm 20 years old for god sake! (Well 20 turning 21 this 14th July, but who's counting?)
I really need to dress cute as much as I could. HAHA.

Come on. How can this cute lil YOUNG person can be mistaken as Madam or Lecturer??