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xxHello~ Salam Maulidur Rasul ya ;)xx

REGRETS? hurrm.. bukan nye ape.. just, i'm sure, everybody have their regrets in their live, right? but then.. after a while, they think, they are okay with it.. they can live without it.. but deep inside, they really wish they could undo the things they've done.

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN, i supposed ;) of my greatest regret is my STUPIDITY.

woe woe! relaxx! i'm not cursing myself, but it is! haha.. because of my STUPIDITY, i got my regrets here.

1- Someone crash my dad's car while i'm inside. Alone. at the back seat. (scary huh?)

here's the story, my dad fetch me out of school, and drove to the nearest gas station, Petronas, my dad wanna buy something (i forgot what is it) then he parked behind a car, Black Proton Wira,

With me, alone in the car, at the back seat, near the left side window.

Suddenly, the car i'm in is shaking. and i think my brain too. I got tense in my head, and i looked around, the proton wira car, just knocked my dad's Volvo on the exact passenger door where i sit. I looked at the person went out of his car, and check out his car, and my dad's car. I LOOKED AT HIM. he is someone with a his work's uniform, maybe like a techinician, because he had his name sewed on his upper left pocket, his name is... something with an A, D, and N, maybe, i don't remember, my head kinda spinning..

you know what's my regret is? I DO NOTHING. I DIDNT TELL MY DAD THAT SOMEONE KNOCKED HIS CAR'S BACK DOOR, i just sit there, until my dad's come and move away from the proton wira car.

ACTUALLY, i did tell my dad, but not at the right time to tell, OK OK, in my defence, i thought that it was my dad's fault to park behind someone else's car, where there isn't a parking squared, so i guess, my dad is the one that should take responsible, hurm.. STUPID right?

again again, IN MY DEFENCE, my head kinda spinning, and i dont know what to do, IN FACT, i've never been in such situasion, so, i just don't know what to do. FAIR ENOUGH?

My dad's PISSED OFF! and i feel stupid and WISH, REALLY WISH that i could have done better. I could have went out of the car, check the car, and show it to my dad, before my dad drove away from the Petronas,

I didn't eat that day, I cry myself out, in my bedroom, all i can say is :



every time i come across this thought, i will say to myself, either "SHIBAL!" or "SHIT!"

One of the things about regret is, it makes you wanna turn back time, and do it differently. SO, if i could turn back time, what will i do, DIFFERENTLY?

well, the answer is, like i said, I could have went out of the car, check the car, and show it to my dad, before my dad drove away from the Petronas, and make that person pay for what he has done, yeah coz it's his fault. he should check the back mirror before reversing his car. Stupid that man!


The good thing about regrets is, that you take extra precaussion in everything you do, you tell yourself that if things like this happen in the future time, you could have do it right. And you WISH that it would never be anything like is anymore. PREVENTING IS BETTER THAT CURE.

huu.. i got a lot of regrets to tell, but, maybe sometime later. If it helps you to stand upon your regrets, you can try posting one too. It helps you, a LIL.

meet me in the next post ;)


You're 19 Already!!

wakaka... semoga tabah hidop dinegare org
celebrate birthday ngan org umah ye..
semoga study kat sane going smoothly..
doa banyak2.. doakan aku sekali..