Guys, I was meant to tell you that I'm in the middle of my own project, yeah since money doesn't coming rolling around on the ground to my feet, I just have to crawl over, and find them.

I use my capability to earn money, or should I say, creativity? But I don't want to be sound like bragging :) like I always do, coz I dont want to jinx it.

I crocheted things, and sell it to the students. By students here, I meant, Yura's classmate *shame*. But there's nothing to be shame of, since, I earn the money, all by myself, with my hard work. Kinda thanks to my dealer *kekeke* I hope she's not reading this. Gah! She's always be my loyal readers. Pfft.

I really really wanted to show it to you guys, But I just have to make sure that I'm ready, since once I exposed it, I AM expecting for some responds, and by responds, I meant, Orders? We'll see.

So I need to be mentally prepared and physically ready to reveal my projects :D

I always wanted to do things like this, but mostly I did it to satisfy myself. But I need to learn and earn something good from it, don't you think.

Ok, I'm done. Click the ads by the way, it's like giving me 15 cents. :D

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I was thinking, I should starting writing in this thing again. GAH! I made that looks like I was a novel writer, or some journalist, but I'm not. That is for sure, you can judge by looking at my spelling and grammar, I'm sure I mess that somewhere in this blog.

For a start, I was just cleansing my face just now, (I am really taking care of my face during this VACATION) when I'm right in front of the mirror bending over backward trying to see my pretty face clearer, I breath fog up the glass (Now that just me copying Jason Mraz) and I heard a loud thud outside. It's 4 am in the morning for god sake.

So I was positively thinking that, might be a cat jumping around the basin over the kitchen floor, so, I turn on the mute button just to listen more carefully. I was watching FRIEND, which you could probably guessed. :D

Suddenly, I heard like rain? was coming fast, but the more I listen to it, sounds like someone stepping on a lots of dried leaves, or, some one just climbing up the tree? Or maybe, a cat, again, playing around the leaves.

I was freeze like 10 seconds trying to figure out the sound. It's gone after that. While freezing, I can feel my heart jumping from a calm and normal heartbeat 90 to 150 within a second. THUMP THUMP!

A split seconds there I thought my heart was coming out of my chest (This is the effect where you watch too much anime or, Running Man?)

So, now, I choose to stay awake, just to make sure nothing like that occur, again. I'm guarding this house with all my best. I even carried around my Prego jar fills with 10 cents coins, which is heavy, as a weapon. That thing could crack someone's head open and burst brains out from the skull. Okay, scary.

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