I was stunned by this statement.

"After all, being a fan doesn't mean that you had to be there since the beginning, being a fan means that you're WILLING to be there UNTIL THE VERY END"
That is actually from a fan of 2PM, seems like something had happen to 2PM in the past but they still love them, despite all that. I think. I guess.

To think of it, have I been a good fan? *this is actually a nonsense question, but, play along*


I have loved Eminem since I was 11. I got 23 big posters of him and uncountable magazines with him on the cover. He's at the top of my list. The person who I have Fan-ned the longest. haha. *I don't even know if the word existed. :))

Always touched by his story life. I hope I could be the one to bring out the best in him. I just couldn't, I know.

He starred in 8 Mile, I watched the movie which is actually a birthday gift from my friend Nadiah. Thank hon!

Johnny Depp

The charming and funny hot guy from the famous movie, Pirates Of The Carribean. He's funny, Greatest actor, and adorable.

When I was 14, I printed out his photos and put them in one clear holder. A file that contributed for his pictures only. Haha. I enjoy his movies. Kinda hunting all of his movies now. Watched a lot of them. I think I have post somewhere in one of my blogs about him.

Not yet married, but having 2 children with his girlfriend, Venessa Paradis. Apparently he doesn't believes in marriage.
#The rest of my list (not necessarily in order) are the ones I like starting when I don't know. heee. :D#

Tablo of Epik High

He's cute, genius, fluent in English. I like him. Enjoy his songs. I even opened up a group for him on, but then, it got abandoned :D yeah, only because I was busy with exams and stuff :D

Then, He got married. Beautifully married to a beautiful girl. Congrates to him

Breaks my heart for sure. But, I will always be his fan.

All time favorite. Keep on rising up to the sky, High! They're unique. They couldn't have be more lovable than anything else

I hope I stick to them, Onjae kaji. Untill the very end.


Errrm... that's the ones that I can list for the time being. I love too many people, that I can't even list one right now. Haha. At the top of my head. Is up there. If something came up, I shall inform you immediately ;)


I can be kinda BITCHY sometimes, bare with me.



In the most nature way. Aku sebenarnye bukannye NAK SGT tunjok ape yg aku ade, it is just simple a joke. The easiest way to make people crack up, and sometimes can be use to hurt one's feeling. SERVE YOU RIGHT! But, really. It's nothing personal. I intend just to share, with the most obvious way. trust me. :D


This is probably a "HELL-NO" statement for me. But really.. I am. But at certain people. And people fail to notice it maybe because I just hardly utter a word or maybe storm out for the very place whenever I get mad. It it just to prevent any damages. Better keep those nasty words to myself, or else, somebody gotta hurt real bad. Soon after that, aku forget, and ignore. Live my life as it is.


The 2nd statement proves this one. Kinda. But to remind any of you, HUMAN being, no matter how patient they are, they have their own limits. We are no angels, no perfecto.


In order to make people be nice to me, I need to be nice with them. But some are just don't get it. Taking advantages and stepping all over me.


Ya betol! you can tell by looking at my room :). In my defence, I only tiding up whenever people are not around. Seems like people are always comes in and out my room. There's no way I can do my job ;P.


Aku hampakan ramai orang yg expect some enthusiastic face from me. I'm sorry, I don't know what wrong with me. I don't like expressing my emotion to others, or I might show more what they want to see. I know you guys can't handle that. I KNOW.


To something yg remeh temeh ni, aku sepak tepi je. People intend to get hurt for my behave, but really, don't expect attention from me, you get nothing. I hate having some bothersome rubbish on my mind. GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE. I don't give a shit. I probably will walk away like nothing happen.

*nnt2 lah aku sambong post ni, HAHA.


Mary Bell, 10 years old

Mary Bell : The Child Killer.

The title is so much meaner than the innocent look on that pretty little girl, but, the fact is written there. She was a killer of 2 kids.

Martin Brown (4) and Brian Howe (3)

These boys were killed by her own hands, in such a tragic way. On top of that, she didn't have the slightest feeling of guilty,in fact, she's proud of it. She is NO DOUBT the cruelest 10 year old girl I've ever

Let's see what wikipedia wrote about her.

Mary Flora Bell (born 26 May 1957 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England) was convicted in December 1968 of the manslaughter of two boys, Martin Brown (aged four years) and Brian Howe (aged three years). Bell was ten years old at the time of one of the killings, and eleven at the time of the other.

On 25 May 1968, the day before her 11th birthday, Mary Flora Bell strangled four-year-old Martin Brown. She was believed to have committed this crime alone. Between that time and the second killing, she and her friend Norma Joyce Bell (no relation), age thirteen, broke into and vandalised a nursery in Scotswood, leaving notes that claimed responsibility for the Brown killing. The Newcastle police dismissed this incident as a prank.

On 31 July 1968, the two took part in the death, again by strangulation, of three-year-old Brian Howe. Police reports concluded that Mary Bell had gone back after killing him to carve an "N" into his stomach with a razor; this was then changed using the same razor but with a different hand to an "M". Mary Bell also used a pair of scissors to cut off bits of Brian Howe's hair and to mutilate his genitals. As the girls were so young and their testimonies contradicted each other, what happened has never been entirely clear. Martin Brown's death was initially ruled an accident as there was no evidence of foul play. Eventually, his death was linked with Brian Howe's killing and in August, the two girls were charged with two counts of manslaughter.

Life after prison.

Bell was released from custody in 1980, having served 12 years, and was granted anonymity to start a new life (under a new name) with her daughter, who was born in 1984.

Mary Bell ,23 years old

Oh My, She's gorgeous, that's what I think when I look at that picture.

anyway.. another great case I studied. SO much into such cases lately. Interestingly interesting. :D

I did studied another case, The Black Dahlia. You wouldn't believe that I couldn't sleep reading about her. O-EM-GEE. Such a scary story!

I must stop studying murder cases for now, need to get off The Black Dahlia from my memory. See if I can blog it out, I try. :D

Jya neh! ;)