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Need to update some stuff, but naaah... malas. At least I update lor :D Enjoy for those who wants me to tag them. ke ke ke.

7 Sweet Things about Me
1. I smile a lot
2. I laugh a lot
3. I talk a lot
4. I mumbles all the time
5. I joke a lot
6. I love a lot
7. I like a lot
7 Bad Habits of Mine
1. I eat a lot
2. I eat every time
3. I always eat in my bedroom
4. I mess up my room a lot
5. I sleep with my cat
6. I sleep after a meal
7. I got no life
7 Cool Things about me
1. I don’t care what people might think about me
2. I ignore the ignorant people
3. I don’t need anyone to complete my life
4. I speak up my mind whenever I wanted to
5. I friend people who friends with me
6. I hate people who hate me
7. I do what I wanted to do

7 Stupid things I’ve done and regret
1. Loving someone who doesn’t love me back
2. Talking to an ignorant people
3. Stepped on my lovely kitten T.T (and she dies! TT~TT)
4. Not telling my dad that someone just crashed his car
5. When I’m not studying and fail in exam
6. When I commit sins on purpose
7. When I Fail to make my mom less disappointed at me every mornings
7 Weird things about me
1. I love the smell of cold fresh-out-of-fridge choc bar silver wrapper!
2. I love to collect deodorant roller ball n gives them to my lil kitten to play~ LOL
3. I have over 14 school bags…but I only use one or two of them
4. I collect note books….but I leave them blank
5. I love collecting boxes…but I stuff them with a lot of boxes
6. I want to be slim but I eat a lot
7. Whenever I watch a movie, I’ll be acting like the character I like in the film all day long~!
7 Words to describe me
1. Movie Maniac
2. Weirdo
3. Loveable
4. Nerdy
5. Lazy
6. Young and hopeless
7. Unpredictable
7 Stuffs I love
1. My Rubik’s Cubes + keychain
2. My blank note books
3. My DVD Burn (movies, dramas, vids, ect)
4. My Pink Motorola RAZR
5. My Hello Kitty stuff
6. My PC (This PC)
7. My White Plastic Hair-Scarf (now it’s broken!)
7 Things that must be bring whenever I’m going out somewhere
1. My Glasses (Of course! I’m blind @_@)
2. My Purse
3. My Cell phone
4. My ID card
5. Money
6. My Watch
7. My Rubik’s Cube
7 Fav Korean Artists
1. Rain Bi
2. Epik High
3. Han Ye Seul
4. FhiFan
5. Lee Soo Hyuk
6. Big Bang
7. Jang Geun Seok
7 Fav US Artists
1. Eminem
2. Johnny Depp
3. Nicholas Cage
4. Brad Pitt
5. Charlize Theron
6. Dakota Fanning
7. Will Smith
7 Fav Taiwan/Chinese/Hong Kong Artists
1. Stephen Chou
2. Jay Chou
3. Sammy Cheng
4. Andy Lau
5. Lee Sin Je
6. Gigi Cheung
7. Louis Khoo
7 Fav Japan Artists
1. Ryoko Hirosu
2. Kokkei Teppei
3. Matsu Jun
4. Yossy
5. Hiroshi Abe
6. Takuya Kimura
7. Takashi Sorimachi
7 Fav Movies
1. Heart Is..
2. I Am Legend
3. The Illusionist
4. A Millionaires 1st Love
5. Maundy Thursday
6. Lovely Complex
7. A Bitter Sweet Life
7 Fav Dramas/Series/Anime
1. Sassy Girl Chung Hyang
2. Gossip Girl
3. Grey’s Anatomy
4. Supernatural
5. Gash Bell
6. Ouran High School Host Club
7. Nonstop 4&5
7 Brands I Love
1. Giordano
2. Adidas
3. Canon
4. Sony
5. G-Soft
6. Kingston
7. Converse

DISQUS : Likes

Remember how I asked is it possible to know which post I received like? ( I ask, randomly at twitter, IF you happens to catch it) Well, I click all of my comments and see which ones, coz I tell you no lies, I received likes like tonnes in that one day, I just don't know which ones!

As far as I'm so bored, so, I search for my comments that have most likes at allkpop.com. To be honest, I don't think my comments will got any attentions, AT ALL.

Plus, I'm newbies in commenting at allkpop.com. And I speak gibberish English.

If some of you wonder what DISQUS is, it is actually a network thingy that usually used by blogs and website these days, you don't have to enter your name anymore, just sync it with your twitter. That should be you account for DISQUS.

If you were wondering, that is my other twitter, you DONT HAVE to follow that one coz I only made that to stalk KPOP stars, and be a fake GaIn in Fake Family. Well, being fake is not my attention at the first place, people mistaken me being one, so I just go with it :D I dont know much about Gain tough :D

As I search, this is the comment that I got most likes. Well it's just 6, but like I said, I don't think my comments got any attentions :D

This is when After School released an MV for Let's Step Up. That vids RULE!

Thanks AdelineAnaKa and 5 more likes this :D

And this below, the second most likes, but towards my critics and negative opinion, well, I was just being humorous, and not making sense. Unfortunately, people just can't take jokes like this :c

The post was about a choreographer who killed himself. He used to choreograph for Bigbang.

Well well, That guy/gal call me an idiot. That is just awesome. I don't know him/her, but he just call me that. Maybe he suggest people to kill themselves, OR he just so sad that the choreograph killed himself.

Is that harsh? calling people idiot is harsh though. Welck, I don't mind anyway.


Aku akur, aku akur dengan kehebatan Block B, ZE:A, Teen Top, and mane mane group Kpop yang baru debut this year, yang telah aku set dalam minda, "Boikot new Kpop group!", aku akur dan tarik balik ape aku cakap, lepas aku tengok group 24:7

Aku tamao cerita panjang pasal diorang dala blog ni, coz aku taao kotorkan blog aku yang cantek ni dgn muke2 konon cute tapi totally gay diorang tu.

AKU SALUTE ZE:A BLOCK B, TEEN TOP, X-5, B14A dan laen laen newbies!!

Check out pemusnah bangsa ni ;- 24:7

*Aku remove signature for this post, GD terlalu berdaulat untuk diletak bersama 24:7*