The phone

Im not a fun person you're looking for to having a conversation on the phone. Merely fun. Just plain boring.

Im great live in action. You can see me with my facial expression, body language and hand gesture exagerrate things, imaginative move that could speculate the real thing. Yes. Thats me.
But over the phone? Na'ah. Nada. Im boring.

The way Im accepting a call surely cool and flacky as I use the high pitch voice and goes "haluuuu!" to everyone's name who is familiar came on my screen.

But to keep the conversation longer and interesting? Naah. If I ever talk to you long enough to make you change ears and reposition your posture, thats just me with the sparks and a strong chemistry between us. Thats mean we are good. You're not boring, and you're not making me a boring.

And if you notice me using the high and squeaky voice asking you nonsense or blurt out stuff not related to the previous topic, thats just me trying to change the subject and hoping that you dont know that I think your story is boring.

I must say I am more a listener if you notice me not responding well to you story. Or maybe I dont know how to tell you or I dont know what to tell you. I absorb. If I can help, I responded. But maybe later.

There may be a time, that I try to make the conversation longer... I started to throw a lot of questions, acting all interested in you, personally, and I pause a lot, talking with a very sweet and careful voice, laugh out loud a lot to let you know that you're interesting, and I-tried-not-to-make-this-awkward-that-you-are-also-boring-but-I-like-you-So-must-pretend.

If you notice me responded things that I have said over and over again, thats just mean, I ran out of advice, maybe you should try the one I've told you over and over again so that I don't repeat myself ever. Again.

If I say things like " Hmmm... Okayyyy........" note the long and dragging vocal?
Its a universal signal of telling you, "We should hang up now, I got things a lot better to do than sitting here listening to your boring-not-important story."

Maybe thats why I dont get a lot of call. I kinda miss talking to people over the phone. LOL.

Keep it short and sweet. Whats to lose for?
Be informative. Aha!

Now. Who's gonna call me at night and have a chat? Come come!
Teach me how to be funny on the phone. Aha!

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