I need a change.

This is not one of the post where I-regret-myself-for-being-who-I-am-right-now-that-I-need-a-drastic-change-plus-it-is-close-to-new-year-so-what-the-heck-I need-a-new-me kind of post.

At the top my head, I need to change my blog layout. It's pretty heavy, and UIA's internet connection hasnt been a good friend to all of us I must say.

So. It's been like, what, 3 years since I actively blog? I don't remember what keyword to search on the blog layout thingy anymore, care to venture me some website....?

I know Minoh would probably reply to this post, or maybe she won't.





mrsydtlmnh said...

Ding here I am commenting aha, you're right buddy, I still read asiah's even, and a few people I know who keep updating their blogs. It shows up on dashboard, why wouldn't I aite? Weh, agaklah boleh tukar theme dah haha but I think the new blogger interface makes it easy, it has nothing to do w all the crappy editing html and whatnot thingy?

Lady.Rouge said...

Aha, yes. Imma look into that. HAHA