Im just a kid

Dear 12 year old me.

Hows life? Did you cry somewhere in your room after getting scold? Oh come on! Just get up already and do the work, it's not that hard.

Mama should learn how to talk in the way you will listen, dont worry, she havent figure that out yet, even in 2015.

Today is 23rd October 2015....and get this. The 2015 you saw in Back to the Future is not even close, but these people are trying to cope with that. HAHA. #GreatScott.

Want to know how is your life in 2015?

Physically, you're awesome looking. Oh better with confident. You are awesome, and yes, you can be better. #Superhighselfesteem

Dont worry if you're gaining weight, coz maaan you're cute as hell! HAHA #narcissism

Your marital status? you're not yet married. At this point, you just want to achieve as much dreams as you can before you settle down, so dont worry if you're feeling like a loser for not getting a boyfriend, they can do you no good anyway, just wait for your husband. He'll come. We'll see.

You may be experiencing several heart brokens growing up, but remember, you can choose not to. Happiness is a choice. Dont waste your time feeling down and stupid, crying over guys who dont appreciates you enough. Guess what, it's their lost. You deserve better.

Academically? Congratulation! You are graduated from International Islamic University of Malaysia, Bachelor of Landscape Architect. I guess all the Coloring contests you won has lead you to here. So keep it up!

You are artistic and creative as hell, you have the capability to learn new softwares, and polishing skills using various medias in designing. You just need supports in terms of money, and moral supports. You hang in there! I will update if you're already somewhere in this industry.

As you come older, like me, you have given up so much of your brickhead habit. You have learn to be more sabar, and your have become super nice human being, which, in other hand, you head keeps getting stepped on. But, keep your smiling face on, Allah maha Adil.

You're gonna have some awesome friends, dont give a damn those who stab your back, the one who stays are forever. And if nobody is staying, dont worry, just remember, you're cute as hell, you'll find new friends.

What you're currently doing? Well, Kakcik just got a newborn, her second child, and youre there to be the nanny! You excel in cooking! House cleaning! and babysitting for god sake. Remember when mama always predict how your house will be in the future? She used to say "Your anak bawah kain baju, rumah sepah, pinggan mangkuk tak basuh" Nope nope nope. You're doing just fine. Haha, Mama and her negative predictions. You should prove her wrong.


I would say these to my 12 year old self, in the non worriness as possible. Coz mann, I was 12, I dont need to hear all those bullshits I failed in life, the expectations, I need to live my life without worrisome. Im just a kid.